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  • Lonsdale, C.; Hurt, R.; Smith, H.; Levine, D.; Helou, G.; Beichman, C. (1999-11-08)
    The ISO-IRAS Faint Galaxy Survey (IIFGS) is a program designed to produce one of the largest and deepest samples of luminous galaxies possible with present facilities.
  • Helou, G.; Barvainis, R.; Antonucci, R. (1999)
    In a search for lensed infrared galaxies, ISOCAM images have been obtained toward the rich clusters Abell 2218 and Abell 2219 at 15 micro m.
  • Ali, B.; Forrest, W.; Leggett, S.; Stauffer, J. (2000-12-20)
    Brwon dwarfs in open cluster in general and in Hyades in particular are valuable as the age, distance and chemical composition of these dwarfs are well-constrained. The cooled environment of ISO allowed us to survey the ...
  • Ali, B.; Ott, S.; Vo, T. D.; Gastaud, R.; Okumura, K. (2000-12-29)
    We describe results from new re-analysis of the ISOCAM field-of-view distortion. In this contribution we describe the procedure for determining the distortion, the implentation and resulting effects on the ISOCAM astrometric ...
  • Dale, D.; Silbermann, N.; Helou, G.; Valjavec, E.; Malhotra, S.; Beichman, C.; Brauher, J.; Contursi, A.; Dinerstein, H.; Hollenbach, D.; Hunter, D.; Kolhatkar, S.; Lo, K.; Lord, S.; Lu, N.; Rubin, R.; Stacey, G.; Thronson, H.; Werner, M.; Corwin, H. (2000)
    We present mid-infrared maps and preliminary analysis for 61 galaxies observed with the Infrared Space Observatory.
  • Malhotra, S.; Helou, G.; van Buren, D.; Kong, M.; Beichman, C. A.; Dinerstein, H.; Hollenbach, D. J.; Hunter, D. A.; Lo, K. Y.; Lord, S. D.; Lu, N. Y.; Rubin, R. H.; Stacey, G. J.; Thronson, H. J. Jr.; Werner, M. W. (1996)
    The nearby spiral galaxy NGC 6946 was observed with ISO-CAM in the mid-infrared, achieving 7inch resolution and sub-MJy sr<sup>-1</sup> sensitivity. Images taken with CAM filters LW2 (7µm) and LW3 (15µm) are analyzed to ...
  • Lundgren, Paul; Giardini, Domenico (1994)
    The locations of earthquakes with depth in the mantle provide direct evidence of the trajectory and state of stress of subducting lithosphere.
  • Bellan, J.; Harstad, K. (1997-05)
    A model has been developed for the behavior of an isolated fluid drop of a single compound immersed into another compound in finite, quiescent surroundings at supercritical conditions. The model is based upon fluctuation ...
  • Challoner, Dorian; Peay, Chris; Wellman, Joanne; Shcheglov, Kirill; Hayworth, Ken; Wiberg, Dean; Yee, Karl; Sipppola, Clayton (Pasadena, CA : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2004, 2004-04-29)
    A new symmetric vibratory gyroscope principle has been devised in which a central post proof mass is counter-rocked against an outer sensing plate such that the motion is isolated from the gyroscope case. Prototype gyroscopes ...
  • Quigley, M. S.; Kempf, M.; Venkateswaran, K.; Kern, R. (2001-12-10)
  • Brauher, J.; Lord, S. (2000-12-21)
    We present a detailed analysis and comparison of the ISOLWS and IRAS 60 mu m and 100 mu m continuum fluxes for a sample of galaxies.
  • Schulz, B.; Huth, S.; Kinkel, U.; Lemke, D.; Acosta, J.; Braun, M.; Castaneda, H.; Cornwall, L.; Gabriel, C.; Heinrichsen, I.; Herbstmeier, U.; Klaas, U.; Laureijs, R.; Muller, T. (1998-12)
    We discuss the photometric calibration of ISOPHOT for point sources in the wavelength range from 3.2 to 240 ??or the aperture photometer and the FIR camera section.
  • Fajardo-Acosta, S.; Backman, D.; Stencel, R. (1999-09-14)
  • Walker, H. J.; Heinrichsen, I. (1998-09)
    The photometer (ISOPHOT) on the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) has proved to be invaluable for investigating the dust around main sequence stars (both prototypes and candidate Vega-like Stars).
  • Langer, W.; Velusamy, T.; Willacy, K. (1998-10-20)
  • Lu, N. Y.; Helou, G.; Tuffs, R.; Xu, C.; Malhotra, S.; Werner, M. W.; Thronson, H. (1996)
    We combine the ISOPHOT 60µm image of Tuffs, et al. (1996) and VLA radio continuum images at 6 and 20cm from the literature to study the 60µm light distribution and its correlation with radio continuum within the disk of ...
  • Kucinskas, A.; Turcotte, D. (1994-03-14)
    We have used the newest solution for the Venus geopotential, incorporating tracking data from the circularized orbit of Magellan, along with global Venus topography data to study correlations of geoid and topography ...
  • Kucinskas, A.; Turcotte, D. (1994)
    We have used spherical harmonic models for Venus' global topography and graviy incorporating data from the Magellan mission to test isostatic compensation models in several equatorial highlands.
  • Kucinskas, A.; Turcotte, D.; Arkani-Hamed, J. (1994-12-05)
  • Kucinskas, Algis (1995-08)
    We have used spherical harmonic representations of the Venus topography and geopotential, obtained from Magellan data, to evaluate isostatic support in several areas within the Ishtar Terra highlands including the Lakshmi ...