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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2003 Use of plastic commericial off-the-shelf (COTS) microcircuits for space applications Gerke, R. David; Shapiro, Andrew A.; Agarwal, Shri; Peters, David M.; Sandor, Michael A.
Mar-2004 Electronic packaging for extended Mars surface missions Shapiro, Andrew A.; Ling, Sharon X.; Ganesan, Sanka; Cozy, R. Scott; Hunter, Donald J.; Schatzel, Donald V.; Mojarradi, Mohammad M.
28-Mar-2004 NASA Electronic Parts & Packaging (NEPP) program: contributions to MER success Barnes, Charles E.; Ramesham, R.; Johnston, A.; Zulueta, P.; Ghaffarian, R.; Scheick, L.; LaBel, K.; Sampson, M.
7-Dec-2010 Class Y: a new class of parts for space Sampson, Michael J.; Agarwal, Shri G.
8-Feb-2011 Class Y : non-hermetic ICs for space Sampson, Michael J.; Agarwal, Shri; Roosta, Ramin; Wilson, Tom
8-Feb-2011 Class Y - non-hermetic ICs for space. Sampson, Michael J.; Agarwal, Shri; Roosta, Ramin; Wilson, Tom
4-Apr-2011 Experimental study of a membrane antenna surface adaptive control system Fang, H.; Quijano, U.; Bach, V.; Hill, J.; Wang, K. W.
Nov-2011 Qualification of emerging point-of-load regulators for next generation power systems Adell, Philippe; Leon, Rosa
Nov-2011 Single-event transients evaluation of emerging point-of-load converters using the new JPL Pico-Second Pulsed Laser System Allen, Gregory; Adell, Philippe
Dec-2011 Modeling the effects of hydrogen and dose rate sensitivity in CMOS and bipolar technologies Adell, Philippe; Sanchez, Ivan; Barnaby, Hugh
Feb-2012 High-Density 3D TSOP Stack Packaging NEPP FY11 Summary Report Phillip, Zulueta


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