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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2011 A starshade petal error budget for exo-earth detection and characterization Shaklan, Stuart B.; Marchen, Luis; Lisman, P. Douglas; Cady, Eric; Martin, Stefan; Thomson, Mark; Dumont, Philip; Kasdin, N. Jeremy
23-Aug-2011 Nondimensional representations for occulter design and performance evaluation Cady, Eric; Shaklan, Stuart
5-Jul-2012 Advancing technology for starlight supression via an external occulter Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration; Kasdin, N. J.; Lisman, D.; Shaklan, S.; Thomon, M.; Cady, E.; Martin, S.; Marchen, L.; Vanderbei, R. J.; Macintosh, B.; Savransky, D.; Rudd, R. E.; Mikula, J,; Lynch, D.
27-Aug-2013 Survey of experimental results in high-contrast imaging for future exoplanet missions Lawson, P. R.; Belikov, R.; Cash, W.; Clampin, M.; Glassman, T.; Guyon, O.; Kasdin, N. J.; Kern, B. D.; Lyon, R.; Mawet, D.; Moody, D.; Samuele, R.; Serabyn, E.; Sirbu, D.; Trauger, J.


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