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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jun-2002 An ISO far-infrared survey of line and continuum emission for 227 galaxies Brauher, J. R.
Jun-2003 Confirmation of a radio-selected galaxy overdensity at z=1.11 Stern, Daniel; Holden, Brad; Stanford, S. A.; Spinard, Hyron
Sep-2004 Rest-frame mid-infrared detection of an extremely luminous lyman break galaxy with the Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) Teplitz, H. I.; Charmandaris, V.; Armus, L.; Appleton, P. N.; Houck, J. R.; Soifer, B. T.; Weedman, D.; Brandl, B. R.; van Cleve, J.; Grillmair, C.; Uchid, K. I.
Sep-2004 Spitzer 24 micron observations of optical/near-infrared–selected extremely red galaxies : evidence for assembly of massive galaxies at Z ~1–2? Yan, Lin; Choi, Philip I.; Fadda, D.; Marleau, F. R.; Soifer, B. T.; Im, M.; Armus, L.; Frayer, D. T.; Storrie-Lombardi, L. J.; Thompson, D. J.; Teplitz, H. I.; Helou, G.; Appleton, P. N.; Chapman, S.; Fan, F.; Heinrichsen, I.; Lacy, M.; Shupe, D. L.; Squires, G. K.; Surace, J.; Wilson, G.
Sep-2004 Extremely red objects in the Lockman Hole Wilson, G.; Huang, J.-S.; Perez-Gonzalez, P. G.; Egami, E.; Ivison, R. J.; Rigby, J. R.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Barmby, P.; Dole, H.; Fazio, G. G.; Le Floch, E.; Papovich, C.; Rigopoulou, D.; Bai, L; Engelbracht, C. W.; Frayer, D.; Gordon, K. D.; Hines, D. C.; Misselt, K. A.; Miyazaki, S.; Morrison, J. E.; Rieke, G. H.; Rieke, M. J.; Surace, J.
27-Sep-2004 Spitzer 24micron observations of optical/near-IR selected extremely red galaxies : evidence for assembly of massive galaxies at z ~ 1 - 2? Yan, Lin; Choi, Philip I.; Fadda, D.; Marleau, F.R.; Soifer, B.T.; Im, M.; Armus, L.; Frayer, D.T.; Storrie-Lombardi, L.J.; Thompson, D.J.; Teplitz, H.I.; Helou, G.; Appleton, P.N.; Chapman, S.; Fan, F.; Heinrichsen, I.; Lacy, M.; Shupe, D.L; Squires, G.K.; Surace, J.; G., Wilson
20-Feb-2006 The Sloan Lens ACS Survey. I. a large spectroscopically selected sample of massive early-type lens galaxies Bolton, Adam S.; Burles, Scott; Koopmans, Léon V. E.; Treu, Tommaso; Moustakas, Leonidas A.
27-May-2006 Update on the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) Mainzer, Amanda K.; Eisenhardt, Peter; Wright, Edward L.; Liu, Feng-Chuan; Irace, William; Heinrichsen, Ingolf; Cutri, Roc; Duval, Valerie
20-Dec-2007 A luminosity function of Lyα-emitting galaxies at z ≈ 4.5¹´² Dawson, Steve; Rhoads, James E.; Malhotra, Sangeeta; Stern, Daniel; Wang, JunXian; Dey, Arjun; Spinrad, Hyron; Jannuzi, Buell T.
Jan-2008 Taking the Measure of the Universe : precision astrometry with SIM PlanetQuest Unwin, Stephen C.; Shao, Michael; Tanner, Angelle M.; Allen, Ronald J.; Beichman, Charles A.; Boboltz, David; Catanzarite, Joseph H.; Chaboyer, Brian C.; Ciardi, David R.; Edberg, Stephen J.; Fey, Alan L.; Fischer, Debra A.; Gelino, Christopher R.; Gould, Andrew P.; Grillmair, Carl; Henry, Todd J.; Johnston, Kathryn V.; Johnston, Kenneth J.; Jones, Dayton L.; Kulkarni, Shrinivas R.; Law, Nicholas M.; Majewski, Steven R.; Makarov, Valeri V.; Marcy, Geoffrey W.; Meier, David L.; Olling, Rob P.; Pan, Xiaopei; Patterson, Richard J.; Pitesky, Jo Eliza; Quirrenbach, Andreas; Shaklan, Stuart B.; Shaya, Edward J.; Strigari, Louis E.; Tomsick, John A.; Wehrle, Ann E.; Worthey, Guy
25-Mar-2011 Celestial reference frames Jacobs, Christopher S.
19-Sep-2011 Contribution of X/Ka VLBI to multi-wavelength celestial frame studies Jacobs, C. S.; Clark, J. E.; Garcia-Miro, C.; Horiuchi, S.; Sotuela, I.
3-Oct-2011 A Ka-band celestial reference frame with applications to Deep Space Navigation Jacobs, Christopher S.; Clark, J. Eric; Garcia-Miro, Cristina; Horiuchi, Shinji; Sotuela, Ioana
5-Mar-2012 The X/Ka-band Extragalactic Reference Frame Garcia-Miro, Cristina; Sotuela, I.; Jacobs, C. S.; Clark, J. E.; Romero-Wolf, A.; Horiuchi, S.; Snedeker, L .G.
5-Jul-2012 Science opportunities with the Near-IR Camera (NIRCam) on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Beichman, Charles A.; Rieke, Marcia; Eisenstein, Daniel; Greene, Thomas P.; Krist, John; McCarthy, Don; Meyer, Michael; Stansberry, John
23-Jul-2012 C+ 158 micron (1.9THz) line as astronomy tool Velusamy, Thangasamy
20-Aug-2012 Celestial reference frames at multiple radio wavelengths Jacobs, Christopher S.


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