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22-Aug-2005 AIRS radiometric calibration validation for climate research Aumann, Hartmut H.; Pagano, Thomas S.; Elliott, Denis; Gaiser, Steve; Gregorich, Dave; Broberg, Steve
11-Nov-2005 Assessing technology maturity for STP technology validation experiments. Stocky, John F.
26-Apr-2006 Biases in total precipitable water vapor climatologies from Atmospheric Infrared Sounder and Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer Fetzer, Eric J.; Lambrigtsen, Bjorn H.; Eldering, Annmarie; Aumann, Hartmut H.; Chahine, Moustafa T.
20-Aug-2012 Challenges of MSL entry, descent, and landing validation : or 7 years of terror Devereaux, Ann; Manning, Rob
Jan-2005 Characterization of AIRS temperature and water vapor measurement capability using correlative observations Fetzer, Eric J.; Eldering, Annmarie; Lee, Sung-Yung
13-Dec-2004 Comparison of upper tropospheric water vapor from AIRS and Cryogenic Frostpoint Hygrometers Fetzer, Eric J.; Vömel, Holger
8-May-2006 Daily JPL processing of 1000+ ground-based GPS receivers to estimate interfrequency biases and other practical applications. Komjathy, Attila; Wilson, B.; Iijima, B.; Mannucci, A. J.
6-Mar-2008 Demand access protocol design and validation with SPIN Seguí, John S.
14-Apr-2008 Development of NASA’s Models and Simulations Standard Bertch, William J.; Zang, Thomas A.; Steele, Martin J.
13-Aug-2006 Evaluation of AIRS, MODIS, and HIRS 11 micron brightness temperature difference changes from 2002 through 2006 Broberg, Steven E.; Aumann, Hartmut H.; Gregorich, David T.; Xiong, X.
10-Apr-2011 In situ validation of the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite mission Jackson, T.; Cosh, M.; Crow, W.; Colliander, A.; Walker, J.
10-Dec-2008 In-flight validation of mid and thermal infrared remotely sensed data using the Lake Tahoe and Salton Sea automated validation sites Hook, Simon J.
16-Aug-2006 Instrument requirements for a next generation 1km resolution hyperspectral imaging spectrometer Pagano, Thomas S.; Aumann, Hartmut H.; Chahine, Moustafa T.; O'Callaghan, Fred G.
21-Sep-2004 The ionospheric impact of the October 2003 storm event on WAAS Komjathy, Attila; Sparks, Lawrence; Mannucci, Anthony J.; Coster, Anthea
4-Mar-2006 Mars science laboratory entry descent and landing system verification and validation program Mitcheltree, Robert; Steltzner, Adam; Chen, Allen; San Martin, Miguel; Rivellini, Tomasso
13-Jul-2003 Model checking investigations for fauIt protect ion system validation Barltrop, Kevin J.; Pingree, Paula J.
21-Jun-2004 Model validation of SIM external metrology at the sub-nanometer level Nemati, Bijan; Kuan, Gary M.
30-Dec-2008 NASA standard for models and simulations : credibility assessment scale Bertch, William J.; Babula, Maria; Green, Lawrence; Hale, Joseph; Moser, Gary; Steele, Martin; Sylvester, Andre; Woods, Jody
9-Sep-2003 On the ionospheric impact of recent storm events on satellite-based augmentation systems in middle and low-latitude sectors. Komjathy, Attila; Sparks, Lawrence; Mannucci, Anthony J.; Pi, Xiaoqing
9-Nov-2012 The Orbiting Carbon Observatory -2 (OCO-2) ground and flight calibration Crisp, David
13-May-2006 Preface to special section : validation of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder observations Fetzer, Eric J.
1-Aug-2012 Relations between resilience and validation Doyle, Richard J.
18-Oct-2014 Spot: a programming language for verified flight software Bocchino Jr., Robert L.; Gamble, Edward; Gostelow, Kim P.; Some, Raphael R.
May-2004 Sua Pan surface bidirectional reflectance: a validation experiment of the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) during SAFARI 2000 Abdou, Wedad A.; Pilorz, Stuart H.; Helmlinger, Mark C.; Diner, David J.; Conel, James E.; Martonchik, John V.; Gatebe, Charles K.; King, Michael D.; Hobbs, Peter V.
May-2004 Surface product validation status and schedule Crean, Kathleen
May-2004 Use of AERONET for MISR surface validation Martonchik, John
19-Aug-2013 V&V of fault management: challenges and successes Fesq, Lorraine M.; Costello, Ken; Ohi, Don; Lu, Tiffany; Newhouse, Marilyn
8-Mar-2006 Validation (not just verification) of Deep Space Missions Duren, Riley M.
12-Feb-2006 Validation database based thermal analysis of an advanced RPS concept. Balint, Tibor S.; Emis, Nickolas D.
15-Dec-2008 Validation of AIRS retrievals of CO2 via comparison to in situ measurements Chahine, M. T.; Chen, L. L.; Jiang, X.; Yung, Y. L.
Aug-2003 Validation of AIRS/AMSU/HSB retrieved products Fetzer, Eric J.; Olsen, Edward T.; Chen, Luke; Hagan, Denise


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