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9-Jan-2003 Planet detection and spectroscopy in visible light with a single aperture telescope and a nulling coronagraph Shao, Michael; Serabyn, Eugene; Levine, Bruce Martin; Beichman, Charles; Liu, Duncan; Martin, Stefan; Orton, Glen; Mennesson, Bertrand; Morgan, Rhonda; Velusamy, Thangasamy; Wallace, J. Kent; Unwin, Stephen
Apr-2003 Laboratory performance of the Keck interferometer nulling beam combiner Mennesson, B.; Crawford, S. L.; Serabyn, E.; Martin, S.; Creech-Eakman, M.; Hardy, G.
Jul-2003 Nulling interferometric observations of the nearest stars Serabyn, Gene
Aug-2003 Mid-infrared nuller for Terrestrial Planet Finder: design progress and results Martin, S. R.; Mennesson, B. P.; Crawford, S. L.; Gappinger, R. O.; Wallace, J. K.; Serabyn, E.
Sep-2003 Mid-infrared nulling at the Keck interferometer : how and why Koresko, Chris; Serabyn, Eugene; Colavita, Mark
16-Oct-2003 The visib!e nulling coronagraph--progress toward mission and technology development Shao, Michael; Levine, B. Martin; Liu, Duncan; Wallace, J. Kent
Feb-2004 Configuration Evaluation - 1 Lay, Oliver; Dubovitsky, Serge
Mar-2004 TPF Interferometer architecture drivers and implementations Serabyn, Gene; Mennesson, Bertrand
Apr-2004 Terrestrial Planet Finder Nulling Interferometry Gappinger, Robert O.
21-Jun-2004 Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer : architecture, mission design and technology development Henry, Curt; Lay, Oliver; Aung, MiMi; Gunter, Steven M.; Dubovitsky, Serge; Blackwood, Gary
21-Jun-2004 The Keck Interferometer Nuller: system architecture and laboratory performance Serabyn, E.; Booth, A.; Colavita, M. M.; Creech-Eakman, M.; Crawford, S.; Garcia, J.; Johnson, R.; Hovland, E.; Koresko, C.; Ligon, R.; Martin, S. R.; Mennesson, B.; Moore, J.; Palmer, D.; Paine, C.; Shao, M.; Swain, M.; Smythe, R.; Vasisht, G.
21-Jun-2004 Nulling interferometers: the importance of systematic errors and the X-Array configuration Lay, Oliver P.; Dubovitsky, Serge
21-Jun-2004 Mid-IR interferometric nulling for TPF Wallace, Kent James; Babtiwale, Vivek; Bartos, Randy; Brown, Ken; Gappinger, Robert; Loya, Frank; MacDonald, Dan; Martin, Stefan; Negron, John; Truong, Tuan; Vasisht, Gautam
21-Jun-2004 Terrestrial Planet Finder cryogenic delay line development Smythe, Robert F.; Swain, Mark R.; Alvarez-Salazar, Oscar; Moore, James D.
22-Jun-2004 Terrestiral Planet Finder Interferometer : architecture, mission design and technology development. Henry, Curt
Jul-2005 The flight instrument design for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer Martin, Stefan
Jul-2005 Architecture trade study for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer Gunter, Steven M.; Hamlin, Louise A.; Henry, Curt A.; Li, Ying-Yong; Martin, Stefan R.; Purcell, George H. Jr.; Ware, Brent; Wertz, Julie A.; Noecker, M. Charley
Jul-2005 Final laboratory integration and test of the Keck Interferometer nuller Crawford, S. L.; Colavita, M. M.; Garcia, J. I.; Ligon, E. R.; Mennesson, B.; Paine, C. G.; Serabyn, E.; Smythe, R. F.; Swain, M. R.; Vasisht, G.
Jul-2005 Current progress on TPFI nulling architectures at Jet Propulsion Laboratory Gappinger, Robert O.; Wallace, J. Kent; Bartos, Randall D.; Macdonald, Daniel R.; Brown, Kenneth A.
31-Jul-2005 Terrestrial Planet Finder interferometer 2005 Henry, Curt A.
Oct-2005 TPF-I Planet Detection Testbed: progress in testing exo-planet signal detection Martin, S. R.; Szwaykowski, P.; Loya, F. M.
3-Oct-2005 Recent progress of visible light nulling interferometry and first 1 million null result Schmidtlin, Edouard; Wallace, Kent J.; Samuele, Rocco; Levine, B. Martin; Shao, Michael
3-Oct-2005 Long baseline nulling interferometry with the Keck telescopes : a progress report Mennesson, B.; Appleby, E.; Bell, J.; Booth, A.; Chin, J.; Colavita, M. M.; Crawford, S.; Creech-Eakman, M.; Dahl, W.; Fanson, J.; Garcia, J.; Gathright, J.; Hovland, E.; Hrynevych, M.; Koresko, C.; Ligon, R.; Moore, J.; Palmer, D.; Panteleeva, T.; Paine, C.; Ragland, S.; Reder, L.; Saloga, T.; Serbyn, E.; Smythe, R.; Tyau, C.; Tsubota, K.; Vasisht, G.; Wetherell, E.; Wizinowich, P.; Woillez, J.
18-Apr-2006 Architecture trade study for the Terrestrial Planet Finterferometer Lay, Oliver P.; Gunter, Steven M.; Hamlin, Louise A.; Henry, Curt A.; Li, Ying-Yong; Martin, Stefan R.; Purcell, George H.; Ware, Brent; Wertz, Julie A.; Noecker, M. Charley
28-Apr-2006 Removing instability noise from nulling interferometers Lay, Oliver
24-May-2006 Deep broad-band infrared nulling using a single-mode fiber beam combiner and baseline rotation Mennesson, Bertrand; Haguenauer, P.; Serabyn, E.; Liewer, K.
24-May-2006 Progress in testing exo-planet signal extraction on the TPF-I Planet Detection Testbed Martin, Stefan R.; Szwaykowski, Piotr; Loya, Frank M.; Liewer, Kurt
24-May-2006 Nulling at the Keck interferometer Colavita, M. Mark; Serabyn, Gene; Wizinowich, Peter L.; Akeson, Rachel L.
24-May-2006 The control system for the Keck interferometer nuller Booth, Andrew; Colavita, Mark; Garcia, Jean; Koresko, Chris
24-May-2006 A laboratory experiment for demonstrating post-coronagraph wave front sensing and control for extreme adaptive optics Wallace, J. Kent; Bartos, Randall; Rao, Shanti; Samuele, Rocco; Schmidtlin, Edouard
26-May-2006 Status of the Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer (TPF-I) Beichman, Charles; Lawson, Peter; Lay, Oliver; Ahmed, Asif; Unwin, Steve; Johnston, K.
3-Mar-2007 Experimental progress and results of a visible nulling coronagraph Samuele, Rocco; Wallace, J. Kent; Schmidtlin, Edouard; Shao, Mike; Levine, B. Martin; Fregoso, Santos
23-Jun-2008 Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer: 2007-2008 progress and plans Lawson, P. R.; Lay, O. P.; Martin, S. R.; Peters, R. D.; Gappinger, R. O.; Ksendzov, A.; Scharf, D. P.; Booth, A. J.; Beichman, C. A.; Serabyn, E.; Johnston, K. J.; Danchi, W. C.
23-Jun-2008 Terrestrial Planet Finder, Planet Detection Test-bed: latest results of planet light detection in the presence of starlight Martin, Stefan R.; Booth, Andrew J.
2-Aug-2009 Terrestrial Planet Finder: coda to 10 years of technology development Lawson, Peter R.


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