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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2010 Aerospace autonomous systems Ingham, Mitch; Langelaan, Jack W.
25-Apr-2011 Autonomous landing and ingress of micro-air-vehicles in urban environments based on monocular vision. Brockers, Roland; Bouffard, Patrick; Ma, Jeremy; Matthies, Larry; Tomlin, Claire
9-May-2011 Autonomous rover traverse and precise arm placement on remotely designated targets. Felder, Michael; Nesnas, Issa A.; Pivtoraiko, Mihail; Kelly, Alonzo; Volpe, Richard
16-Apr-2012 Biomimetic sensors and actuators Bar-Cohen, Yoseph
5-Dec-2011 Biomimetics and the development of humanlike robots as the ultimate challenge Bar-Cohen, Yoseph
29-Mar-2011 Compliant task execution and learning for safe mixed-initiative human-robot operations Dong, Shuonan; Conrad, Patrick R.; Shah, Julie A.; Williams, Brian C.; Mittman, David S.; Ingham, Michel D.; Verma, Vandana
6-Aug-2012 Curb mounting, vertical mobility, and inverted mobility on rough surfaces using microspine-enabled robots. Paness, Aaron
14-May-2012 D.R.O.P. The Durable Reconnaissance and Observation Platform McKenzie, Clifford; Parness, Aaron
9-May-2011 Daytime water detection based on sky reflections Rankin, Arturo L.; Matthies, Larry H.; Bellutta, Paolo
9-May-2011 Feature and pose constrained visual aided inertial navigation for computationally constrained aerial vehicles Williams, Brian; Hudson, Nicolas; Tweddle, Brent; Brockers, Roland; Matthies, Larry
7-May-2012 Gravity-independent mobility and drilling on natural rock using microspines Parness, Aaron; Frost, Matthew; Thatte, Nitish; King, Jonathan P.
11-Jun-2012 Humanlike robots – synthetically mimicking humans Bar-Cohen, Yoseph
12-Aug-2012 Innovation inspired by nature: capabilities, potentials and challenges Bar-Cohen, Yoseph
1-Mar-2012 Machine learning methods for real time and archival classification of astronomical transients and variables Rebbapragada, Umaa
9-Jul-2012 Minimal coordinate formulation of contact dynamics in operational space Jain, Abhinandan; Crean, Cory; Ku, Calvin; Myint, Steven; von Bremen, Hubertus
27-Jan-2011 Mission level autonomy for USSV Huntsberger, Terry; Stirb, Dr. Robert C.; Brizzolara, Dr. Robert
Nov-2012 Real-time image processing in support of aerial sensing applications Padgett, Curtis
Aug-2012 Teleoperation of robonaut using finger tracking Luo, Victor; Champoux, Rachel G.
2-Jul-2011 Using ensemble decisions and active selection to improve low-cost labeling for multi-view data Rebbapragada, Umaa; Wagstaff, Kiri L.


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