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6-Nov-2001 Hyperion on-orbit calibration validation with AVIRIS in Argentina Green, Robert O.; Chrien, Thomas; Pavri, Betina
22-Aug-2002 Boot strapping star position and baseline knowledge with uncalibrated SIM observations. Catanzarite, Joe; Basdogan, Ipek; Milman, Mark H.
29-Oct-2003 Level 1B products from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) on the EOS Aqua Spacecraft. Pagano, Thomas S.; Aumann, H. H.; Overoye, Ken
Feb-2004 Earth return maneuver strategies for Genesis and Stardust Williams, Kenneth E.
5-Mar-2004 T/R module development for large aperture L-band phased array Chamberlain, Neil; Andricos, Constantine; Kumley, Kendra; Berkun, Andrew; Hodges, Richard; Spitz, Suzanne
5-Mar-2004 Microstrip patch antenna panel for large aperture L-band phased array Chamberlain, Neil; Amaro, Luis; Oakes, Eric; Hodges, Richard; Spitz, Suzanne; Rosen, Paul A.
31-Mar-2004 Inflight calibration experiment results for AVIRIS on the 6th of May 2002 at Rogers Dry Lake, California Green, Robert 0.; Pavri, Betina
21-Jun-2004 An integrated optimal estimation approach to Spitzer Space Telescope focal plane survey Bayard, David S.; Kang, Bryan H.; Brugarolas, Paul B.; Boussalis, D.
21-Jun-2004 Execution of the Spitzer in-orbit checkout and science verification plan Miles, John W.; Linick, Susan H.; Long, Stacia; Gilbert, John; Garcia, Mark; Boyles, Carole; Werner, Michael; Wilson, Robert K.
21-Jun-2004 Science camera calibration for extreme adaptive optics Wallace, J. Kent; Green, Joseph J.; Shao, Michael; Troy, Mitchell; Lloyd, James; MacIntosh, Bruce
30-Jun-2004 Spitzer Instrument Pointing Frame (IPF) Kalman filter algorithm. Bayard, David S.; Kang, Bryan H.
8-Jul-2004 Spitzer Space Telescope : focal plane survey final report Bayard, David S.; Kang, Bryan H.; Brugarolas, Paul B.; Boussalis, Dhemetrios
Oct-2004 2003 Railroad Valley vicarious calibration experiment Bruegge, Carol J.; Helmlinger, Mark; Abdou, Wedad; Gaitley, Barbara J.
8-Nov-2004 The precision and accuracy of AIRS Level 1B radiances for climate studies Hearty, Thomas J.; Gaiser, Steve; Pagano, Tom; Aumann, Hartmut
28-Mar-2005 Channel alignment and radiometry in hyperspectral atmospheric infrared sounders Elliott, Denis A.; Aumanna, H. H.; Pagano, Thomas S.; Overoye, Kenneth R.; Schindler, Rudolf A.
25-Jul-2005 The Interferometric Data Calibration for the AIRSAR PacRim II Mission Chu, Anhua; Kim, Yunjin; van Zyl, Jakob; Lou, Yunling; Chapman, Bruce
25-Jul-2005 AIRSAR automated web-based data processing and distribution system Chu, Anhua; van Zyl, Jakob; Kim, Yunjin; Lou, Yunling; Imel, David; Tung, Wayne; Chapman, Bruce; Durden, Stephen
22-Aug-2005 AIRS radiometric calibration validation for climate research Aumann, Hartmut H.; Pagano, Thomas S.; Elliott, Denis; Gaiser, Steve; Gregorich, Dave; Broberg, Steve
12-Oct-2005 Calibration refinements in support of MISR Bruegge, Carol J.; Diner, David J.
28-Feb-2006 Stable targets for spaceborne microwave radiometer calibration Njoku, Eni G.; Chan, S. K.; Armstrong, R. L.; Brodzik, M. J.; Savoie, M. H.; Knowles, K.
5-May-2006 Design and field-of-view calibration of 114–660-GHz optics of the Earth Observing System Microwave Limb Sounder Cofield, Richard E.; Stek, Paul C.
24-May-2006 Picometer level modeling of a shared vertex double corner cube in the Space Interferometry Mission Kite Testbed Kuan, Gary M.; Dekens, Frank G.
13-Aug-2006 Landsat TM and ETM+ thermal band calibration Barsi, Julia A.; Hook, Simon J.; Palluconi, Frank D.; Schott, John R.; Raqueno, Nina G.
21-Aug-2006 On-orbit maneuver calibrations for the Stardust spacecraft Nandi, Sumita; Kennedy, Brian; Williams, Kenneth E.; Byrnes, Dennis V.
3-Mar-2007 Hand-eye calibration using active vision Nickels, Kevin; Huber, Eric; DiCicco, Matthew
7-Jul-2007 On the long-term stability of microwave radiometers using noise diodes for calibration Brown, Shannon T.; Desai, Shailen; Lu, Wenwen; Tanner, Alan B.
10-Aug-2008 Using AIRS and IASI data to evaluate absolute radiometric accuracy and stability for climate applications Aumann, Hartmut H.; Pagano, Thomas S.
2-Dec-2008 Cross calibration and validation using CLARREO Pagano, Thomas S.; Aumann, Hartmut; Gohlke, Jan; Ruzmaikin, Alex; Elliott, Denis
5-May-2009 AIRS V6 Development Status: perseverance counts Friedman, Steven
5-Mar-2011 Spectrally and radiometrically stable wide-band on board calibration source for in-flight data validation in imaging spectroscopy applications Coles, J. B.; Richardson, Brandon S.; Eastwood, Michael L.; Sarture, Charles M.; Quetin, Gregory R.; Hernandez, Marco A.; Kroll, Linley A.; Nolte, Scott H.; Porter, Michael D.; Green, Robert O.
25-Apr-2011 Unmanned ground vehicle perception using thermal infrared cameras Rankin, Arturo; Huertas, Andres; Matthies, Larry; Bajracharya, Max; Assad, Christopher; Brennan, Shane; Bellutta, Paolo; Sherwin, Gary W.
27-Apr-2011 Unmanned ground vehicle perception using thermal infrared cameras Rankin, Arturo; Huertas, Andres; Matthies, Larry; Bajracharya, Max; Assad, Christopher; Brennan, Shane; Bellut, Paolo
24-Jul-2011 Compact polarimetry potentials Truong-Loï, My-Linh; Dubois-Fernandez, Pascale; Pottier, Eric
7-Nov-2011 AirMoSS P-band SAR calibration Chau, Alexandra; Chapin, Elaine; Ceniceros, Angelica; Heavey, Brandon; Hensley, Scott; Lou, Yunling; Machuzak, Rich; Moghaddam, Mahta; Muellerschoen, Ronald; van Schilfgaarde, Ryan; Wang, K. Charles
3-Jul-2012 How to calibrate edge sensors on segmented mirror telescopes Shelton, Chris; Roberts, Lewis C, Jr.
12-Aug-2012 Validation of the radiometric stability of the atmospheric infrared sounder Aumann, H. H.; Elliott, D.; Strow, L. L.
27-Aug-2012 Automated Data Production For A Novel Airborne Multiangle Spectropolarimetric Imager (AIRMSPI) Jovanovic, V .M.; Bull, M.; Diner, D. J.; Geier, S.; Rheingans, B.
24-Sep-2012 Evolution of altimetry calibration and future challenges Fu, Lee-Lueng; Haines, Bruce J.
22-Oct-2012 Implementation of RF circuitry for real-time digital beam-forming SAR calibration schemes Horst, Stephen J.; Hoffman, James P.; Perkovic-Martin, Dragana; Shaffer, Scott; Thrivikraman, Tushar; Yates, Phil; Veilleux, Louise
29-Oct-2012 Performance status of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder ten years after launch Pagano, Thomas S.; Broberg, Steve; Aumann, Hartmut H.; Elliott, Denis; Manning, Evan; Strow, Larrabee
9-Nov-2012 The Orbiting Carbon Observatory -2 (OCO-2) ground and flight calibration Crisp, David
25-Mar-2013 OCO-2 calibration/instrument update Pollock, Randy; Chapsky, Lars; Lee, Richard; Rosenberg, Robert
25-Aug-2013 Space view issues for hyperspectral sounders Manning, Evan M.; Aumann, Hartmut H.; Broberg, Steven E.
9-Dec-2013 How do cloud-types affect inter-satellite biases? Staten, Paul W.; Kahn, Brian; Schreier, Mathias


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