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9-Mar-2002 Analysis of space shuttle main engine data using Beacon-based exception analysis for multi-missions Park, H.; Mackey, R.; James, M.; Zak, M.; Kynard, M.; Sebghati, J.; Greene, W.
4-Nov-2002 BEAM: Integrated technology for autonomous self-analysis Zak, M.; James, M.; Park, H,; Fijany, A.; Mackey, R.
7-Nov-2000 BEAM: technology for autonomous self-analysis Mackey, R.; James, M.; Park, H.; Zak, M.
8-Apr-2002 BEAM: technology for autonomous vehicle health monitoring Park, H.; Mackey, R.; James, M.; Zak, M.; Baroth, E.
8-Apr-2002 BEAM: technology for autonomous vehicle health monitoring Park, H.; Mackey, R.; James, M.; Zak, M.; Baroth, E.
1995 Comments to Irreversibility in Thermodynamics Zak, M.
1996 Detection of Structural Abnormalities Using Neural Nets Zak, M.; Maccalla, A.; Daggumati, V.; Gulati, S.; Toomarian, N.
18-Oct-2001 Dynamical networks with topological self-organization Zak, M.
23-Aug-1999 Dynamical Signatures of Living Systems Zak, M.
2000 Dynamics of Intelligent Systems Zak, M.
2002 Error minimization using redundant gravity measurements Kulikov, I.; Zak, M.
25-Oct-2000 Gray-box approach to fault diagnosis of dynamical systems Zak, M.; Park, H.
9-Mar-2003 Model reconstruction using POD method for gray-box fault detection Park, H. G.; Zak, M.
Dec-1995 Non-Lipschitz Dynamics Approach to Discrete Event Systems Zak, M.; Meyers, R.
1995 Non-Newtonian Effects in Viscous Flows Zak, M.; Meyers, R.E.
10-Dec-2001 Observing active volcanism on Earth and beyond with an autonomous science investigation capability Davies, A. G.; Mjolsness, E.; Fink, W.; Castano, R.; Burl, M.; Park, H.; Zak, M.
Mar-1999 Physical Invariants of Biosignatures Zak, M.
Sep-1999 Physical Model of Immune Inspired Computing Zak, M.
Sep-1998 Quantum Analog Computing Zak, M.
27-Apr-2000 Quantum Decision Maker Theory and Simulation Zak, M.; Meyers, R.; Deacon, K.
Sep-1999 Quantum Decision-Maker Zak, M.
Jun-1999 Quantum Model of Emerging Grammars Zak, M.
17-Feb-1998 Quantum Recurrent Networks for Simulating Stochastic Processes Zak, M.; Williams, C.
17-Feb-1998 Quantum Resonance for Solving NP-Complete Problems by Simulations Zak, M.
2000 Quantum Superluminal Communications Zak, M.
27-Feb-2000 Reflexive Biodynamics for Immune Inspired Computing Zak, M.
24-Jul-1999 Reflexive Neurodynamics Zak, M.
3-May-2000 Simulation of Decision Making Process Using Quantum Parallelism Zak, M.
1996 Simulations of Probabilities for Quantum Computing Zak, M.


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