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13-Oct-2009 7 years of AIRS mid-tropospheric CO₂ Olsen, E.T.; Chahine, M.T.; Chen, L.L.; Pagano, T.S.; Jiang, X.; Yung, Y.L.
1995 Heterogeneous Reactions of HNO3(g) + NaCl(s) Yields HCL(g) + NaNO3(s) and N2O5(g) + NaCl(s) Yields ClNo2(g) + NaNO3(s) Leu, M.-T.; Timonen, R.S.; Keyser, L.F.; Yung, Y.L.
11-Feb-2011 An Introduction to the Mars Atmospheric Trace Molecule Occultation Spectrometer (MATMOS) Wennberg, P.O.; Hipkin, V.J.; Drummond, J.R.; Toon, G.C.; Allen, M.; Blavier, J.‐F.; Brown, L.R.; Kleinböhl, A.; Abbatt, J.P.D.; Lollar, B.Sherwood; Strong, K.; Walker, K.A.; Bernath, P.F.; Clancy, R.T.; Cloutis, E.A.; DesMarais, D.J.; Eiler, J.M.; Yung, Y.L.; Encrenaz, T.; McConnell, J.C.


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