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1996 ATMOS Stratospheric Deuterated Water and Implications for Troposphere-Stratosphere Transport Moyer, E. J.; Irion, F. W.; Yung, Y. L.; Gunson, M. R.
1996 Atmospheric Spectroscopy of the OH Radical Using Ground-Based High Resolution Ultraviolet Interferometry Sander, S. P.; Cageao, R. P.; Blavier, J. F.; Jiang, Y.; Yung, Y. L.
1996 The Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy (ATMOS) Experiment: Deployment on the ATLAS Space Shuttle Missions Gunson, M. R.; Abbas, M. M.; Abrams, M. C.; Allen, M.; Brown, L. R.; Brown, T. L.; Chang, A. Y.; Goldman, A.; Irion, F. W.; Lowes, L. L.; Mahieu, E.; Manney, G. L.; Michelsen, H. A.; Newchurch, M. J.; Rinsland, C. P.; Salawitch, R. J.; Stiller, G. P.; Toon, G. C.; Yung, Y. L.; Zander, R.
8-Sep-2002 Benzene and polar haze formation in the atmosphere of Jupiter Yung, Y. L.; Wong, A. S.; Friedson, A. J.
1996 Calculated Hydroxyl A<sup>2</sup>(Sigma) leads to...X<sup>2</sup>II (0,0) Band Emission Rate Factors Applicable to Atmospheric Spectroscopy Cageao, R. P.; Ha, Y. L.; Jiang, Y.; Morgan, M. F.; Yung, Y. L.; Sander, S. P.
8-Dec-2003 Deuterated methane and ethane in the atmosphere of Jupiter Parkinson, C. D.; Lee, A. Y.-T.; Yung, Y. L.; Crisp, D.
1995 Heavy Ozone Enrichment from ATMOS Infrared Solar Spectra Irion, F. W.; Gunson, M. R.; Rinsland, C. P.; Yung, Y. L.; Abrams, M. C.; Chang, A. Y.; Goldman, A.
21-Apr-2007 Intraseasonal variations of the tropical total ozone and their connection to the Madden-Julian Oscillation Tian, B.; Yung, Y. L.; Waliser, D. E.; Tyranowski, T.; Kuai, L.; Fetzer, E. J.; Irion, F. W.
Apr-1998 Measurements of CO in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Herman, R. L.; Webster, C. R.; May, R. D.; Scott, D. C.; Hu, H.; Moyer, E. J.; Yung, Y. L.; Wennberg, P. O.; Hanisco, T. F.; Lanzendorf, E. J.; Salawitch, R. J.; Margitan, J. J.; Bui, T. P.
6-Oct-2006 Observation of night OH in the mesosphere Pickett, H. M.; Read, W. G.; Lee, K. K.; Yung, Y. L.
6-Dec-2006 Space-based near-infrared CO2 measurements : testing the Orbiting Carbon Observatory retrieval algorithm and validation concept using SCIAMACHY observations over Park Falls, Wisconsin Bosch, H.; Toon, G. C.; Sen, B.; Washenfelder, R. A.; Wennberg, P. O.; Buchwitz, M.; de Beek, R.; Burrows, J. P.; Crisp, D.; Christi, M.; Connor, B. J.; Natraj, V.; Yung, Y. L.
Mar-1998 Tropical Entrainment Time Sclaes Inferred from Stratospheric N***sub2***0 and CH***sub4*** Observations Herman, R. L.; Scott, D. C.; Webster, C. R.; May, R. D.; Moyer, E. J.; Salawitch, R. J.; Yung, Y. L.; Toon, G. C.; Sen, B.; Margitan, J. J.; Rosenlof, K. H.; Michelsen, H. A.; Elkins, J. W.
15-Dec-2008 Validation of AIRS retrievals of CO2 via comparison to in situ measurements Chahine, M. T.; Chen, L. L.; Jiang, X.; Yung, Y. L.


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