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22-Sep-1997 SeaWinds 1B: A Combination of Ku-band Scatterometer and Wind Radiometer for Global Ocean Wind Measurements Yueh, Simon; Tsai, Wu-Yang
Jul-1998 Polarimetric Radiometer and Scatterometer Measurements of Hurricane Ocean Winds Lay, Rudy; Yueh, Simon
27-Jun-2006 Compact, lightweight dual-frequency microstrip antenna feed for future soil moisture and sea surface salinity missions Yueh, Simon; Wilson, William J.; Njoku, Eni; Dinardo, Steve; Hunter, Don; Rahmat-Samii, Yahya; Kona, Keerti S.; Manteghi, Majid
31-Jul-2006 The Aquarius ocean salinity mission high stability L-band radiometer Pellerano, Fernando A; Piepmeier, Jeffrey; Triesky, Michael; Horgan, Kevin; Forgione, Joshua; Caldwell, James; Wilson, William J; Yueh, Simon; Spencer, Michael; McWatters, Dalia; Freedman, Adam
11-Sep-2006 Aquarius/SAC-D mission overview Sen, Amit; Kim, Yunjin; Caruso, Daniel; Lagerloef, Gary; Colomb, Raul; Yueh, Simon; Le Vine, David
26-May-2008 Airborne Ku-band polarimetric radar remote sensing of terrestrial snow cover Yueh, Simon; Cline, Donald; Elder, Kelly
7-Jul-2008 POLSCAT Ku-band radar remote sensing of terrestrial snow cover Yueh, Simon; Cline, Donald; Elder, Kelly
7-Jul-2008 Passive and active L-Band system and observations during the 2007 CLASIC Campaign Yueh, Simon; Dinardo, Steve; Chan, Steven; Njoku, Eni; Jackson, Thomas; Bindlish, Rajat
1-Mar-2010 Utilization of airborne and in situ data obtained in SGP99, SMEX02, CLASIC And SMAPVEX08 field campaigns for SMAP soil moisture algorithm development and validation Colliander, Andreas; Chan, Steven; Yueh, Simon; Cosh, Michael; Bindlish, Rajat; Jackson, Tom; Njoku, Eni
5-Jul-2010 Azimuthal signature of coincidental brightness temperature and normalized radar cross-section obtained using airborne PALS instrument Colliander, Andreas; Kim, Seungbum; Yueh, Simon; Cosh, Mike; Jackson, Tom; Njoku, Eni
11-Oct-2012 Roughness corrections for Aquarius SSS retrieval Yueh, Simon; Tang, Wendy; Fore, Alex; Hayashi, Akiko; Neumann, Greg


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