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11-Jan-1998 Interannual to Decadal Variabilities in the Pacific Basin in an Ocean General Circulation Model Liu, W. T.; Xie, X.
11-Jan-1998 Asian Monsoons Observed by the Scatterometers and Complementary Spacebased Sensors Liu, W. T.; Tang, W.; Xie, X.
20-Jul-1998 Annual Variation of the Arabian Sea and South China Sea in Response to Monsoons Liu, W.; Xie, X.; Tang, W.
6-Dec-1998 Spaceborne Sensors Observe El Nino Telecommunication in the Northeast Pacific Liu, W.; Hu, H.; Xie, X.
10-Jan-1999 Teleconnection of the 1997 El Nino Observed by Spaceborne Sensors and the Dacadal Anomalies in the Northeast Pacific Liu, W.; Hu, H.; Xie, X.
28-Jun-1999 Polarization Reversal Over Flooded Regions and Applications to Large-Scale Flood Mapping with Spaceborne Scatterometers Nghiem, S.; Liu, W.; Xie, X.
3-Nov-1999 QuickSCAT/SeaWinds Application to Asia Monsoon Flood Mapping Nghiem, S.; Liu, W.; Tsai, W. Y.; Xie, X.
19-May-2000 Annual and Interannual Variabilities of Asian Monsoon Revealed by Spacebased Observations Xie, X.
5-Jul-2000 Asian Monsoon Observed by Spaceborne Scatterometer Xie, X.; Liu, W.
9-Jul-2001 Continuous strife for better coverage and more details in ocean surface winds measurements - from Midori and ADEOS-2 to GCOM Xie, X.; Liu, W.; Hu, H.; Tang, W.
Nov-2001 Improvement in spacebased scatterometers and increased scientific impact in the past decade Liu, W. T.; Xie, X.


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