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9-Jan-2003 Planet detection and spectroscopy in visible light with a single aperture telescope and a nulling coronagraph Shao, Michael; Serabyn, Eugene; Levine, Bruce Martin; Beichman, Charles; Liu, Duncan; Martin, Stefan; Orton, Glen; Mennesson, Bertrand; Morgan, Rhonda; Velusamy, Thangasamy; Wallace, J. Kent; Unwin, Stephen
16-Dec-2003 Tracking the moving photocenters of active galaxies: binary black holes, accretion disks, and relativistic jets Wehrle, Ann E.; Jones, Dayton; Unwin, Stephen; Meier, Davis; Piner, B. Glenn
Dec-2004 SIM PlanetQuest : science with the Space Interferometry Mission Unwin, Stephen; Turyshev, Slava
21-Aug-2006 Precision astrometry with SIM PlanetQuest : science and mission update Shao, Michael; Unwin, Stephen
23-Aug-2006 Astrometeric science with SIM PlanetQuest Shao, Michael; Unwin, Stephen
15-Oct-2007 Quasat astrophysics with the space interferometry mission Unwin, Stephen; Wehrle, Ann; Meier, David; Jones, Dayton; Piner, Glenn
29-Sep-2008 Astrophysics with microarcsecond accuracy astrometry Unwin, Stephen
21-Aug-2011 Zodiac II : debris disk science from a balloon Bryden, Geoffrey; Trauba, Wesley; Roberts, Lewis C. Jr.; Bruno, Robin; Unwin, Stephen; Backovsky, Stan; Brugarolas, Paul; Chakrabarti, Supriya; Chen, Pin; Hillenbrand, Lynne; Krist, John; Lillie, Charles; Macintosh, Bruce; Mawet, Dimitri; Mennesson, Bertrand; Moody, Dwight; Rey, Justin; Stapelfeldt, Karl; Stapelfeldt, Karl; Trauger, John; Trauger, John
1-Jul-2012 Coronagraphic imaging of debris disks from a high altitude balloon platform Instrumentation and Photography; Unwin, Stephen; Traub, Wesley; Bryden, Geoffrey; Brugarolas, Paul; Chen, Pin; Guyon, Olivier; Hillenbrand, Lynne; Kasdin, Jeremy; Krist, John; Macintosh, Bruce; Mawet, Dimitri; Mennesson, Bertrand; Moody, Dwight; Roberts, Lewis C. Jr; Stapelfeldt, Karl; Stuchlik, David; Trauger, John; Vasisht, Gautam
26-Aug-2013 The Debris Disk Explorer: a balloon-borne coronagraph for observing debris disks Roberts, Lewis C. Jr; Bryden, Geoffrey; Traub, Wesley; Unwin, Stephen; Trauger, John; Krist, John; Aldrich, Jack; Brugarolas, Paul; Stapelfeldt, Karl; Wyatt, Mark; Stuchlik, David; Lanzi, James


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