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23-Dec-2005 Radar soundings of the subsurface of Mars Picardi, Giovanni; Plaut, Jeffrey J.; Biccari, Daniela; Bombaci, Ornella; Calabrese, Diego; Cartacci, Marco; Cicchetti, Andrea; Clifford, Stephen M.; Edenhofer, Peter; Farrell, William M.; Federico, Costanzo; Frigeri, Alessandro; Gurnett, Donald A.; Hagfors, Tor; Heggy, Essam; Herique, Alain; Huff, Richard L.; Ivanov, Anton B.; Johnson, William T. K.; Jordan, Rolando L.; Kirchner, Donald L.; Kofman, Wlodek; Leuschen, Carlton J.; Nielsen, Erling; Orosei, Roberto; Pettinelli, Elena; Phillips, Roger J.; Plettemeier, Dirk; Safaeinili, Ali; Seu, Roberto; Stofan, Ellen R.; Vannaroni, Giuliano; Watters, Thomas R.; Zampolin, Enrico
19-Jun-2006 Science planning for the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Wenkert, Daniel D.; Bridges, Nathan T.; Eggemeyer, William Curtis; Hale, Amy Snyder; Kass, David; Martin, Terry Z.; Noland, Stephen J.; Safaeinili, Ali; Smrekar, Suzanne
15-Dec-2007 Estimation of the total electron content of the Martian ionosphere using radar sounder surface echoes Safaeinili, Ali; Kofman, Wlodek; Mouginot, Jeremie; Gim, Yonggyu; Herique, Alain; Ivanov, Anton B.; Plaut, Jeffrey J.; Picardi, Giovanni


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