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5-Jul-2005 Aperture-coupled thin-membrane microstrip array antenna for beam scanning application Huang, John; Sadowy, Gregory; Derksen, Chuck; Del Castillo, Linda; Smith, Phil; Hoffman, Jim; Hatake, Toshiro; Moussessian, Alina
21-Jul-2013 A cross-track cloud-scanning dual-frequency doppler (C2D2) radar for the proposed ACE mission and beyond Sadowy, Gregory; Tanelli, Simone; Chamberlain, Neil; Durden, Stephen; Fung, Andy; Sanchez-Barbetty, Mauricio; Thrivikraman, Tushar
12-Oct-2010 The DESDynI synthetic aperture radar array-fed reflector antenna Chamberlain, Neil; Ghaemi, Hirad; Giersch, Louis; Harcke, Leif; Hodges, Richard; Hoffman, James; Johnson, William; Jordan, Rolando; Khayatian, Behrouz; Rosen, Paul; Sadowy, Gregory; Shaffer, Scott; Shen, Yuhsyen; Veilleux, Louise; Wu, Patrick
24-May-2012 First results from an airborne Ka-band SAR using SweepSAR and Digital Beamforming Sadowy, Gregory; Ghaemi, Hirad; Hensley, Scott
10-Sep-2006 A G-band 160 GHz T/R module concept for planetary landing radar transmit/receive module (T/R module); Samoska, Lorene; Kangaslahti, Pekka; Pukala, David; Sadowy, Gregory; Pollard, Brian; Hodges, Richard
26-Jun-2006 The Glacier and Land Ice Surface Topography Interferometer (GLISTIN): a novel Ka-band digitally beamformed interferometer Moller, Delwyn K.; Heavey, Brandon; Hodges, Richard; Rengarajan, Sembiam; Rignot, Eric; Rogez, Francois; Sadowy, Gregory; Simard, Marc; Zawadzki, Mark
7-Jun-2010 Ka-band digital beamforming and SweepSAR demonstration for ice and solid earth topography Sadowy, Gregory; Ghaemi, Hirad; Heavy, Brandon; Perković, Dragana; Quddus, Momin; Zawadzki, Mark; Moller, Delwyn
5-Mar-2005 Next generation millimeter-wave radar for safe planetary landing Pollard, Brian D.; Sadowy, Gregory
13-Sep-2011 A spaceborne design and airborne demonstration of digitally-beamformed antennas for SweepSAR imaging Sadowy, Gregory; Chamberlain, Neil; Hensley, Scott; Chuang, Ernie; Ghaemi, Hirad; Heavey, Brandon; Liao, Eric; Lin, Sean; Miller, Timothy; Perkovic, Dragana; Quddus, Momin; Sanchez- Barbetty, Mauricio; Shaffer, Scott; Tanabe, Jordan; Thrivikraman, Tushar; Veilleux, Louise
12-Oct-2010 UAVSAR active electronically-scanned array Sadowy, Gregory; Brown, Kyle; Chamberlain, Neil; Figueroa, Harry; Fisher, Charlie; Grando, Maurio; Hamilton, Gary; Vorperian, Vatche; Zawadzki, Mark


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