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28-Aug-2001 Semiconductor reference oscillator development for coherent detection optical remote sensing applications Tratt, David M.; Mansour, Kamjou; Menzies, Robert T.; Qiu, Yueming; Forouhar, Siamak; Maker, Paul D.; Muller, Richard E.
1-Mar-2004 Self-assembled InAsSb quantum dots on (001) InP substrates Qiu, Yueming; Uhl, David
16-May-2004 Continuous-wave operation of InAsSb/InP quantum - dot lasers near 2 μm at room temperature Qiu, Yueming; Uhl, David; Keo, Sam
31-May-2004 2 μn InAsSb quantum-dot lasers Qiu, Yueming; Uhl, David; Keo, Sam
28-Nov-2005 Mid-IR interband cascade lasers Yang, Rui Q.; Hill, Cory J.; Qiu, Yueming
8-Feb-2006 Development of efficient mid-IR interband cascade lasers for chemical sensing. Yang, Rui Q.; Hill, Cory J.; Yang, Baohua; Qiu, Yueming; Jan, Darrell
26-Aug-2007 High-reliability pump module for non-planar ring oscillator laser Liu, Duncan T.; Qiu, Yueming; Wilson, Daniel W.; Dubovitsky, Serge; Forouhar, Siamak
1-Sep-2008 Reliability of semiconductor laser packaging in space applications Gontijo, Ivair; Qiu, Yueming; Shapiro, Andrew A.
11-Jul-2010 Low power consumption lasers for next generation miniature optical spectrometers for major constituent and trace gas analysis Forouhar, Siamak; Soibel, Alexander; Frez, Clifford; Qiu, Yueming; Chen, J.; Hosoda, T.; Kipshidze, G.; Shterengas, L.; Tsvid, G.; Belenky, G.; Franz, Kale J.; Gmachl, Claire; Scherer, Benjamin


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