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17-Apr-1995 Autonomous Image-Based Pointing for Planetary Flyby Chu, C.; Pomerantz, M.; Zhu, D.; Padgett, C.
22-Apr-1997 VIGILANTE: An Advanced Sensing/Processing Testbed for ATR Applications Udomkesmalee, S.; Thankoor, A.; Padgett, C.; Daud, T.; Fang, W. C.
13-Apr-1998 VIGILANTE - System Description and First Experiment Approach and Results Suddarth, S.; Brenner, M.; Udomkesmalee, S.; Liebe, C. C.; Padgett, C.; Vo, H.; Avril, L.
13-Apr-1998 VIGIL--A GPS Based Target-Tracking System Liebe, C.; Brown, K.; Udomkesmalee, S.; Padgett, C.; Brenner, M.; Howard, A.; Wysocky, T.; Brown, D.; Suddarth, S.
28-Apr-1998 Bayesian Decision Theory Applied to Deep Sky Star Identification (Viewgraph Presentation) Padgett, C.; Clouse, D.
26-Oct-1998 Neural Network Processing for Real Time, Sub-Pixel Hyperspectral Data Extraction Stirbl, R.; Breckinridge, J.; Padgett, C.; Howard, A.; Chrien, T.; Brown, K.
1-Mar-1999 Intelligent Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery Padgett, C.; Howard, A.; Brown, K.
22-Jun-1999 Real Time Intelligent Target Detection and Analysis with Machine Vision Padgett, C.; Howard, A.; Brown, K.
2000 Small Field-of-View Star Identification Using Bayesian Decision Theory Padgett, C.; Clouse, D.
Mar-2003 Laser radar for spacecraft guidance applications Liebe, C. C.; Abramovici, A.; Bartman, R. K.; Bunker, R. L.; Chapsky, J.; Chu, C. C.; Clouse, D.; Dillon, J. W.; Hausmann, B.; Hemmati, H.; Kornfeld, R. P.; Kwa, C.; Mobasser, S.; Newell, M.; Padgett, C.; Roberts, W. T.; Spiers, G.; Warfield, Z.; Wright, M.
Mar-2003 Flight qualified laser radar for spacecraft guidance application Liebe, C. C.; Abramovici, A.; Bunker, R. L.; Calvet, R.; Chapsky, J.; Chu, C.; Clouse, D.; Dillon, J.; Franzen, D.; Hausmann, R.; Hemmati, H.; Kornfeld, R.; Kwa, C. I.; Miseroy, R.; Mobasser, S.; Newell, M.; Padgett, C.; Roberts, T.; Spiers, G.; Tratt, D.; Warfield, Z.; Wright, M.; Bartman, R.


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