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11-Jul-2005 Microbial assessment of cabin air quality on commercial airliners La Duc, Myron T.; Stuecker, Tara; Bearman, Gregory; Venkateswaran, Kasthuri
13-Sep-2006 A Comprehensive assessment of biologicals contained within commercial airliner cabin air La Duc, Myron T.; Osman, Shariff; Dekas, Anne; Stuecker, Tara; Newcombe, Dave; Piceno, Yvette; Fuhrman, J.; Andersen, Gary; Venkateswaran, Kasthuri; Bearman, Greg
Feb-2008 Effect of shadowing on survival of bacteria under conditions simulating the Martian atmosphere and UV radiation Osman, Shariff; Peeters, Zan; La Duc, Myron T.; Mancinelli, Rocco; Ehrenfreund, Pascale; Venkateswaran, Kasthuri
15-Jul-2012 Bacterial, archaeal, and fungal diversity of spacecraft-associated surfaces Venkateswaran, Kasthuri; La Duc, Myron T.; Vaishampayan, Parag
Sep-2012 Genetic inventory task final report Venkateswaran, Kasthuri; La Duc, Myron T.; Vaishampayan, Parag


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