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Aug-2004 Visual data mining for quantized spatial data Braverman, Amy; Kahn, Brian
9-Aug-2004 High lapse rates in AIRS retrieved temperatures in cold air outbreaks Fetzer, Eric J.; Kahn, Brian; Olsen, Edward T.; Fishbein, Evan
20-Nov-2004 Validation and science analyses of AIRS quantities Fetzer, Eric J.; Kahn, Brian; Eldering, Annmarie; Granger, Stephanie; Leroy, Stephen
3-May-2005 Water vapor intercomparisons TES - AIRS - AMSR Eldering, Annmarie; Pagano, Thomas S.; Granger, Stephanie; Kahn, Brian; Irion, Bill; Fetzer, Eric; Olsen, Ed; Lee, Sung-Yung; Okonek, Sharon; Friedman, Steve; Fishbein, Evan; Gaiser, Steve; Aumann, Hartmut; Elliott, Dennis
7-Mar-2006 Towards the retrieval of cirrus particle size and optical depth with AIRS Kahn, Brian; Eldering, Annmarie; Liou, Kuo Nan; Mussa, Omar; Nasiri, Shaima; Yue, Qing
7-Mar-2006 Cross–comparison of AIRS cloud products with ARM and A-train measurements Kahn, Brian; Braverman, Amy; Eldering, Annmarie; Fetzer, Eric; Fishbein, Evan; Garay, Michael; Lee, Sung-Yung; Jiang, Jonathan; Nasiri, Shaima
1-Mar-2011 Closing global atmospheric water vapor and heat budgets with remote‐sensing and reanalysis data Wong, Sun; Fetzer, Eric; Kahn, Brian; Tian, Baijun; Olson, William; L’Ecuyer, Tristan; Ryoo, Ju‐Mee; Lambrigtsen, Bjorn
26-Apr-2011 Diagnosing AIRS Sampling with CloudSat Cloud Classes Fetzer, Eric; Yue, Qing; Guillaume, Alexandre; Kahn, Brian
26-Apr-2011 Linking AIRS water vapor to remote‐sensing precipitation and surface evaporation : a way to understand global hydrological cycle Wong, Sun; Fetzer, Eric; Kahn, Brian; Tian, Baijun; Olson, William; L'Ecuyer, Tristan; Ryoo, Ju-Mee; Jiang, Xianan; Lambrigtsen, Bjorn
13-Nov-2012 A multi-sensor water vapor, temperature and cloud climate data record Fetzer, Eric; Yue, Qing; Guillaume, Alexandre; Wilson, Brian; Kahn, Brian; Fishbein, Evan; Hua, Hook; Wong, Sun
13-Feb-2013 Massive data set analysis for NASA’s atmospheric infrared sounder Braverman, Amy; Fetzer, Eric; Kahn, Brian; Manning, Evan; Oliphant, Bob; Teixeira, Joao
9-Dec-2013 How do cloud-types affect inter-satellite biases? Staten, Paul W.; Kahn, Brian; Schreier, Mathias


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