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16-Mar-1999 Assessment of Global TEC Mapping Using a Three-Dimensional Electron Density Model Mannucci, A.; Iijima, B.; Sparks, L.; Pi, X.; Wilson, B.; Lindqwister, U.
Mar-1999 Automated Daily Process for Global Ionospheric Total Electron Content Maps and Satellite Ocean Altimeter Ionospheric Calibration Based on Global Positioning System Data Iijima, B.; Harris, I.; Ho, C.; Lindqwister, U.; Mannucci, A.; Pi, X.; Reyes, M.; Sparks, L.; Wilson, B.
8-May-2006 Daily JPL processing of 1000+ ground-based GPS receivers to estimate interfrequency biases and other practical applications. Komjathy, Attila; Wilson, B.; Iijima, B.; Mannucci, A. J.
25-Jan-1999 Determining The Uncertainty of Ionospheric Corrections For Users In Wide Area Augmentation Systems Mannucci, A.; Ho, C.; Iijima, B.; Lindqwister, U.; Pi, X.; Wilson, B.
Dec-1997 Evaluating Super-satellite Plasmasphere Contribution Based on GIM and PRARE Measurements Ho, C. M.; Harris, I. L.; Iijima, B.; Sparks, L.; Reyes, M.; Flechtner, F.
1999 GPS and Ionosphere Mannucci, A.; Iijima, B.; Lindqwister, U.; Pi, X.; Sparks, L.; Wilson, B.
8-Dec-2003 Interplanetary ionospheric coupling: the 6 November 2001 magnetic storm event Kozyra, J. U. O.; Foster, T.; Fuller Rowell, T.; Fejer, B.; Tsuda, T.; Abdu, M. A.; Sobral, J. H. A.; Gonzalez, W. D.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Mannucci, A.; Iijima, B.
4-May-1999 Ionosphere Delay Calibration and Calibration Errors for Satellite Navigation of Aircraft Harris, I.; Manucci, A.; Iijima, B.; Lindqwister, U.; Muna, D.; Pi, X.; Wilson, B.
Mar-2000 Ionospheric specification algorithms for precise GPS-based aircraft navigation Harris, I.; Mannucci, A.; Iijima, B.; Lindqwister, U.; Muna, D.; Pi, X.; Wilson, B.
22-Jan-2002 An overview of CHAMP radio occultation analysis at JPL Hajj, G.; Ao, C.; Dong, D.; Iijima, B.; Kuang, D.; Kursinski, R.; Mannucci, A.; Meehan, T.; Torre, M. de la; Yunck, T.
2001 Precise CHAMP orbit determination with GPS tracking Kuang, D.; Bar-Sever, Y.; Bertiger, W.; Desai, S.; Haines, B.; Iijima, B.; Meehan, T.; Romans, L.
22-Jan-2001 Precise orbit determination for CHAMP using GPS data from BlackJack Receiver Kuang, D.; Bar-Sever, Y.; Bertiger, W.; Desai, S.; Haines, B.; Iijima, B.; Kruizinga, G.; Meehan, T.; Romans, L.
16-May-1994 Real-Time Array Feed Compensation System Demonstrated at JPL Vilnrotter, V.; Fort, D.; Iijima, B.
2-Jul-1997 Validation Analysis of the WAAS GIVE and UIVE Algorithms Mannucci, A.; Moore, A.; Iijima, B.; Ahmadi, R.; Becker, G.; Peck, S.; Choquette, F.; Gerard, T.


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