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7-Apr-2009 Automated targeting for the MER rovers Estlin, Tara; Castano, Rebecca; Anderson, Robert C.; Bornstein, Benjamin; Gaines, Daniel; de Granville, Charles; Thompson, David; Burl, Michael; Chien, Steve; Judd, Michele
Mar-2004 Continuous planning for an autonomous rover Estlin, Tara; Fisher, Forest; Gaines, Daniel; Chouinard, Caroline; Schaffer, Steve; Nesnas, Issa
25-Apr-2010 Coordinating multiple spacecraft assets for joint science campaigns Estlin, Tara; Chien, Steve; Castano, Rebecca; Gaines, Daniel; de Granville, Charles; Doubleday, Josh; Anderson, Robert C.; Knight, Russell; Bornstein, Benjamin; Rabideau, Gregg; Tang, Benyang
5-Mar-2005 Current results from a Rover Science Data Analysis System Castano, Rebecca; Judd, Michele; Estlin, Tara; Anderson, Robert C.; Gaines, Daniel; Castano, Andres; Bornstein, Ben; Stough, Tim; Wagstaff, Kiri
5-Mar-2005 Enabling autonomous rover science through dynamic planning and scheduling Estlin, Tara A.; Gaines, Daniel; Chouinard, Caroline; Fisher, Forest; Castano, Rebecca; Judd, Michele; Nesnas, Issa
Feb-2004 Intelligent decision making for autonomous rover operations Estlin, Tara; Chouinard, Caroline; Fisher, Forest; Gaines, Daniel; Nesnas, Issa
Feb-2004 MISUS: Multi-rover integrated science understanding system Estlin, Tara; Castano, Rebecca; Davies, Ashley; Fisher, Forest; Gaines, Daniel
Jun-2004 Onboard planning for geological investigations using a rover team Estlin, Tara; Gaines, Daniel; Fisher, Forest; Castano, Rebecca
20-Mar-2003 Rover traverse science for increased mission science return Castano, Rebecca; Anderson, Robert C.; Estlin, Tara; DeCoste, Dennis; Fisher, Forest; Gaines, Daniel; Mazzoni, Dominic; Judd, Michele
7-Mar-2009 Strategic analysis for the MER Cape Verde approach Gaines, Daniel; Belluta, Paolo; Herman, Jennifer; Hwang, Pauline; Mukai, Ryan; Porter, Dan; Jones, Byron; Wood, Eric; Grotzinger, John; Edgar, Lauren; Hayes, Alex; Hare, Trent; Squyres, Steve
4-Sep-2012 Two years onboard the MER Opportunity Rover Lunar and Planetary Exploration; Estlin, Tara; Anderson, Robert C.; Bornstein, Benjamin; Burl, Michael; Castano, Rebecca; Gaines, Daniel; Judd, Michele; Thompson, David R


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