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12-May-2002 0.1um InP HEMT devices and MMICs for cryogenic low noise amplifiers from x-band to w-band Grundbacher, R.; Lai, R.; Barsky, M.; Tsai, R.; Gaier, T.; Weinreb, S.; Dawson, D.; Bautista, J. J.; Block, T.; Oki, A.
13-Jun-1999 160-190 GHz Monolithic Low Noise Amplifiers Samoska, L.; Gaier, T.; Kok, Y.; Wang, H.; Huang, T.; Lai, R.; Chen, Y.; Sholley, M.; Block, T.; Streit, D.; Liu, P.; Allen, B.; Barsky, M.
17-Oct-1999 A 90 GHz Amplifier Assembled Using a Bump-Bonded InP-based HEMT Samoska, L.; Pinsukanjana, P.; Gaier, T.; Smith, R.; Ksendzov, A.; Fitzsimmons, M.; Martin, S.
Jan-1999 A 90 GHz Amplifier Assembled Using Flip-Chip Technology Samoska, L.; Pinsukanjana, P.; Gaier, T.; Smith, R.; Ksendzov, A.; Fitzsimmons, M.; Martin, S.; Lai, R.
20-Jun-2003 A broadband 100 GHz phase switch/mixer using a uniplanar slotline transition Gaier, T.; Dawson, D.; Wells, M.
27-Jul-2000 Cosmic microwave background anisotropy measurements Gaier, T.
8-Jun-2003 Cryogenic measurements of 183 GHz MMIC low noise amplifiers Dawson, D.; Gaier, T.; Raja, R.; Nishimoto, M.; Lai, R.; Wells, M.
12-Nov-2006 Demonstration of a Sub-Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit (S-MMIC) using InP HEMT with a 35-nm Gate Deal, W. R.; Din, S.; Padilla, J.; Radisic, V.; Mei, G.; Yoshida, W.; Liu, P.S.; Uyeda, J.; Barsky, M.; Gaier, T.; Fung, A.; Samoska, Lorene A.; Lai, R.
6-Jun-2008 First on-wafer power characterization of MMIC Amplifiers at sub-millimeter wave frequencies Fung, A. K.; Gaier, T.; Samoska, L.; Deal, W. R.; Radisic, V.; Mei, X. B.; Yoshida, W.; Liu, P. S.; Uyeda, J.; Barsky, M.; Lai, R.
21-Jun-2011 Getting the GeoSTAR instrument concept ready for a space mission Lambrigtsen, B.; Gaier, T.; Kangaslahti, P.; Lim, B.; Tanner, A.; Ruf, C.
26-Jun-2000 HEMT Technology and Applications in Astrophysics Gaier, T.
27-Jul-2000 HEMT technology and applications in astrophysics Gaier, T.
Jun-1998 An InP HEMT MMIC LNA with 7.2 dB Gain at 190 GHz Lai, R.; Barsky, M.; Huang, T.; Sholley, M.; Wang, H.; Kok, Y. L.; Streit, D. C.; Block, T.; Liu, P. H.; Gaier, T.; Samoska, L.
27-May-1998 InP HEMT MMICs for Radiometer Applications Gaier, T.; Barsky, M.; Chan, S.; Chi, J.; Chung, Y.; Huang, T.; Huang, P.; Kok, Y.; Lai, R.; Lee, K.; Mitchell, J.; Nishimoto, M.; Samoska, L.; Sholley, M.; Tsai, R.; Wang, H.; Weinreb, S.
10-Jan-2001 Low-noise pseudo correlation receivers for the Planck low-frequency instrument Gaier, T.
3-Jun-2003 MMIC HEMT radiometry Gaier, T.
13-Sep-1999 MMIC Power Amplifier Chip Set Developed for 70-115 GHz Samoska, L.; Gaier, T.; Peralta, A.; Weinreb, S.; Mehdi, I.; Chen, Y.; Liao, H.; Nishimoto, M.; Lai, R.; Wang, H.; Leong, Y.
27-Mar-2000 MMIC Power Amplifiers as Local Oscillator Drivers for FIRST Samoska, L.; Gaier, T.; Peralta, A.; Weinreb, S.; Bruston, J.; Mehdi, I.; Chen, Y.; Liao, H.; Nishimoto, M.; Lai, R.; Wang, H.; Leong, Y.
20-Jun-2000 Monolithic Power Amplifiers Covering 70-115 GHz Samoska, L.; Wang, H.; Gaier, T.; Peralta, A.; Liao, H.; Chen, Y.; Nishimoto, M.; Lai, R.
15-Apr-1999 On-Wafer Testing of Circuits Through 220 GHz Gaier, T.; Samoska, L.; Oleson, C.; Boll, G.
25-Mar-1998 A W-Band HEMT Based Power Amplifier Module for Millimeter-Wave LO Multiplier Gaier, T.; Mehdi, I.; Kooi, J.; Fujiwara, B.; Lai, R.
16-Jun-2012 W-band heterodyne receiver module with 27 K noise temperature Gawande, R.; Reeves, R.; Cleary, K.; Readhead, A. C.; Gaier, T.; Kangaslahti, P.; Samoska, L.; Church, S.; Sieth, M.; Voll, P.; Harris, A.; Lai, R.; Sarkozy, S.
13-Jun-1999 W-Band InP Wideband MMIC LNA With 30K Noise Temperature Weinreb, S.; Lai, R.; Erickson, N.; Gaier, T.; Wielgus, J.


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