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7-Dec-1993 (abstract) An Ada Language Modular Telerobot Task Execution System Backes, Paul; Long, Mark; Steele, Robert
29-Oct-2001 Autonomously generating operations sequences for a Mars Rover using AI-based planning Sherwood, Rob; Mishkin, Andrew; Estlin, Tara; Chien, Steve; Backes, Paul; Cooper, Brian; Maxwell, Scott; Rabideau, Gregg
3-Mar-2012 Demonstration of autonomous coring and caching for a Mars Sample Return campaign concept Backes, Paul; Aldrich, Jack; Zarzhitsky, Dimitri; Klein, Kerry; Younse, Paulo
3-Mar-2013 Dynamic Acquisition and Retrieval Tool (DART) for Comet Sample Return : Session: 2.06.Robotic Mobility and Sample Acquisition Systems Badescu, Mircea; Bonitz, Robert; Ganino, Anthony; Haddad, Nicolas; Walkemeyer, Phillip; Backes, Paul; Shiraishi, Lori; Kulczycki, Erick; Aisen, Norman; Dandino, Charles M.; Cantrell, Brett S.; Gallagher, William; Shevin, Jesse
16-May-2012 End-to-end dexterous manipulation with deliberate interactive estimation Hudson, Nicolas; Howard, Thomas; Ma, Jeremy; Jain, Abhinandan; Bajracharya, Max; Myint, Steven; Kuo, Calvin; Matthies, Larry; Backes, Paul; Hebert, Paul; Burdick, Joel
3-Mar-2007 The EPEC algorithm for vision guided manipulation : analysis and validation DiCicco, Matthew A.; Bajracharya, Max; Nickels, Kevin; Backes, Paul
6-Mar-2010 Estimation and control for autonomous coring from a rover manipulator Hudson, Nicolas; Backes, Paul; DiCicco, Matt; Bajracharya, Max
3-Mar-2011 Experimental results of rover-based coring and caching Backes, Paul; Younse, Paulo; DiCicco, Matthew; Hudson, Nicolas; Collins, Curtis; Allwood, Abigail; Paolini, Robert; Male, Cason; Ma, Jeremy; Steele, Andrew; Conrad, Pamela
12-Sep-2001 An integrated planning and scheduling prototype for automated Mars Rover Command Generation Sherwood, Rob; Mishkin, Andrew; Chien, Steve; Estlin, Tara; Backes, Paul; Cooper, Brian; Rabideau, Gregg; Engelhardt, Barbara
8-Jan-1996 Multifunction Automater Crawler -Inspection Module (MAC-IM): adaptation of space technology to aircraft NDE Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Backes, Paul; Joff, Benjamin
27-Apr-1996 Planetary Rover and Space Platform Servicing - Simulation Tools and Network Based Operations Backes, Paul; Hayati, Samad
16-Oct-1996 Rapid Inspection of Aerospace Structures - Is It Autonomous Yet? Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Backes, Paul; Joffe, Benjamin
27-Feb-2006 Reaction force of percussive corer, rotary-friction corer, and rotary-percussive corer Chang, Zensheu; Sherrit, Stewart; Badescu, Mircea; Bao, Xiaoqi; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Backes, Paul
5-Mar-2012 Sample sealing approaches for Mars Sample Return Caching Younse, Paulo; de Alwis, Thimal; Backes, Paul; Trebi-Ollennu, Ashitey
Mar-2006 Vision-based end-effector position error compensation Bajracharya, Max; Backes, Paul; DiCicco, Matthew
29-Jan-2007 Visual end-effector position error compensation for planetary robotics Bajracharya, Max; DiCicco, Matthew; Backes, Paul; Nickels, Kevin
May-2007 Visual end-effector position error compensation for planetary robotics Bajracharya, Max; DiCicco, Matthew; Backes, Paul; Nickels, Kevin
26-Feb-2008 Visual feedback for rover-based coring Backes, Paul; Helmick, Daniel; Bajracharya, Max


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