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10-May-1999 Automated Planning and Scheduling for Planetary Rover Distributed Operations Backes, P.; Rabideau, G.; Tso, K.; Chien, S.
1999 Automation, Miniature Robotics and Sensors for Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, Volume 4 Bar-Cohen, Y.; Baumgartner, E.; Backes, P.; Sherrit, S.; Bao, X.; Leary, S.; Kennedy, B.; Mavroidis, C.; Pfeiffer, C.; Culbert, C.; Magruder, D.
1994 Extended Impedance Control Using Real and Virtual Sensors for Redundant Manipulators Long, M.; Backes, P.
9-Jun-2002 FIDO Rover field trials as rehearsal for the NASA 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers mission Tunstel, E.; Huntsberger, T.; Aghazarian, H.; Backes, P.; Baumgartner, E.; Cheng, Y.; Garrett, M.; Kennedy, B.; Leger, C.; Magnone, L.; Norris, J.; Powell, M.; Trebi-Ollennu, A.; Schenker, P.
Dec-1999 FIDO: Enabling Mars 2003 and 2005 Rover Science Operations Haldemann, A.; Backes, P.; Baumgartner, E.; Blaney, D.; Dorsky, L.; Lindemann, R.; Schenker, P.; Arvidson, R.; Squyres, S.; Klingelhofer, G.
Apr-2000 FIDO: Enabling Mars Rover Science Operations Haldemann, A.; Arvidson, R.; Backes, P.; Baumgartner, E.; Bearman, G.; Blaney, D.; Brown, D.; Dorsky, L.; Klingelhofer, G.; Lindenmann, R.; Mahoney, J.; Schenker, P.; Squyres, S.
24-Apr-2000 Internet Based Operations for the Mars Polar Lander Mission Backes, P.; Tso, K.; Norris, J.; Tharp, G.; Bonitz, R.; Slostad, J.;
2000 Internet-based Ground Operations for Mars Lander and Rover Missions Backes, P.; Tso, K.; Norris, J.; Tharp, G.
1995 JPL-ETL Trans-Pacific Telerobotics Backes, P.
18-Mar-2000 Mars Polar Lander Mission Distributed Operations Norris, J.; Backes, P.; Slostad, J.; Bonitz, R.; Tharp, G.; Tso, K.
1997 The Multifunction Automated Crawling System (MACS) Backes, P.; Bar-Cohen, Y.; Joffe, B.
24-Apr-2000 An Operations System for a Planetary Rover Prototype Backes, P.; Tso, K.; Norris, J.; Tharp, G.; Kim, W.
20-Apr-1997 The Rocky 7 Rover: A Mars Sciencecraft Prototype Hayati, S.; Volpe, R.; Backes, P.; Balaram, J.; Welch, R.; Ivlev, R.; Tharp, G.; Peters, S.; Ohm, T.; Petras, R.; Laubach, S.
15-Dec-1998 Scanning Aircraft Structures Using Open-Architecture Robotic Crawlers as Platforms with NDE Boards and Sensors Bar-Cohen, Y.; Backes, P.
28-Feb-2000 Scanning Large Aerospace Structures Using Open-architecture Crawlers Bar-Cohen, Y.; Backes, P.
31-Jan-1999 A Step Toward Autonomous Plantary Rovers Rapideau, G.; Chien, S.; Backes, P.; Chalfant, G.; Tso, K.
1993 Supervised Autonomy for Space Telerobotics Backes, P.
1997 The Web Interface for Telescience (WITS) Backes, P.; Tso, K.; Tharp, G.
18-Mar-1999 WEDDS: The WITS Encrypted Data Delivery System Norris, J.; Backes, P.


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