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Title: X-ray emission from the pre–planetary Nebula Henize 3-1475
Authors: Sahai, Raghvendra
Kastner, Joel H.
Frank, Adam
Morris, Mark
Blackman, Eric G.
Keywords: circumstellar matter
jets and outflows
planetary nebulae
mass loss
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2003
Publisher: The American Astronomical Society
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 599:L87–L90, 2003 December 20
Abstract: We report the first detection of X-ray emission in a pre–planetary nebula, He 3-1475. Pre–planetary nebulae are rare objects in the short transition stage between the asymptotic giant branch (AGB) and planetary nebula evolutionary phases, and He 3-1475, characterized by a remarkable S-shaped chain of optical knots, is one of the most noteworthy members of this class. Observations with the Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer on board the Chandra X-Ray Observatory show the presence of compact emission coincident with the brightest optical knot in this bipolar object, which is displaced from the central star by 2".7 along the polar axis. Model fits to the X-ray spectrum indicate an X-ray temperature and luminosity, respectively, of (4.3–5.7)X 106 K and (4±1.4)X10³¹ (D/5 kpc)² ergs sˉ¹ respectively. Our 3 σ upper limit on the luminosity of compact X-ray emission from the central star in He 3-1475 is ~5X10³¹ (D/5 kpc)2 ergs sˉ¹. The detection of X-rays in He 3- 1475 is consistent with models in which fast collimated post-AGB outflows are crucial to the shaping of planetary nebulae; we discuss such models in the context of our observations.
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