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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-May-2002 Jet Propulsion Laboratory STI update Young, M.
3-May-2012 Jet Propulsion Laboratory STI Update : 2011 Year Review Bowdan, Scott; Powers, Robert; Stein, Andrea; Young, Margo
17-Jun-1996 The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Submillimeter, Millimeter and Microwave Spectral Line Catalog Pickett, Herbert M.; Poynter, R. L.; Cohen, E. A.; Delitsky, M. L.; Pearson, J. C.; Meller, H. S. P.
24-Apr-2001 Jet Propulsion Laboratory update Meyers, D.
8-Jul-1996 Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) Program: Now Operational, Producing Exciting New NEOs Helin, E. F.; Pravdo, S. H.; Lawrence, K. J.
10-Dec-2005 Jet Propulsion Laboratory's space exploration : part 3 : basics of space flight Chau, Savio
10-Dec-2005 Jet Propulsion Laboratory's space explorations : part 1 : history of JPL Chau, Savio
10-Dec-2005 Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Space Explorations Part 2 : Solar System Exploration Chau, Savio
1996 Jet Propulsion Laboratory/ NASA Lewis Research Center Space Qualified Hybrid High Temperature Superconducting/Semiconducting 7.4 GHz Low-Noise Downconverter for NRL HTSSE-II Program Javadi, H. H. S.; Bowen, J. G.; Rascoe, D. L.; Romanofsky, R. R.; Chorey, C. M.; Bhasin, K. B.
19-Dec-1996 Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA Lewis Research Center Space Qualified Hybrid High Temperature Superconducting/Semiconducting 7.4 GHz Low-NOise Downconverter for NRL HTSEE-II Program (Errata) Rasco, D. L.
22-Jul-2002 Jet Propulsion Laboratory: logistics and materiel services section Troutman, B.; Black, J.
21-Mar-2000 Jet Propulsion Update Stein, A.
Jul-1993 JHK and 3.3um PAH Imaging of the Starburst Ring in the Type I Seyfert Galaxy NGC 7469 Mazzarella, J.; Voit, G.; Soifer, B.; Matthews, K.; Armus, L.; Shupe, D.; Graham, J.
12-Jun-2003 JIMO delivery and support of a Jupiter deep entry probe Spilker, T. R.; Young, R. E.
13-Feb-2005 JIMO follow on mission studies Satter, Celeste M.
13-Feb-2005 JIMO follow-on mission studies Satter, Celeste M.
6-Mar-1998 JIT Planning: An Approach to Autonomous Scheduling for Space Mission Maldague, P.; Ko, A.
28-Feb-2006 JMR noise diode stability and recalibration methodology after three years on-orbit Brown, Shannon; Desai, Shailen; Keihm, Stephen; Ruf, Christopher
12-Dec-1993 Joining A Distributed Simulation Environment Via ALSP Dubon, Lydia P.
10-Dec-2001 Joint analysis of the MOLA radiometry data and TES Lambert albedo Ivanov, A. B.; Neumann, G. A.; Muhleman, D. O.
20-Mar-2008 Joint Bayesian component separation and CMB power spectrum estimation Eriksen, H. K.; Jewell, J. B.; Dickinson, C.; Banday, A. J.; Gorski, K. M.; Lawrence, C. R.
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