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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2003 Aviation applications of NASA's global differential GPS system Muellerschoen, R.; Armatys, M.; Bar-Sever, Y.; Meyer, R.
31-Jan-1999 Avionics Systems On A Chip for Space Exploration Alkalai, L.; Kolawa, E.
21-Aug-1998 Avionics: Integrating Spacecraft Technologies Fisher, D. K.
23-Feb-2000 The AVIRIS Data Calibration and Distribution Subsystem in 1999 Green, R.; Solis, M.; Loaiza, F.; Lundeen, S.; Williams, O.
25-Feb-2003 AVIRIS inflight calibration experiment results for 2001 Green, R. O.; Pavri, B.
27-Feb-2001 AVIRIS inflight calibration experiment results in 2000 Green, R. O.; Pavri, B.
12-Dec-2000 AVIRIS inflight calibration experiment, sensitivity analysis, and intra flight stability Green, R.; Pavri, B.
23-Feb-2000 AVIRIS Inflight Calibration Experiments in 1999 Green, R.; Williams, O.; Pavri, B.; Kirkpatrick, J.; Ly, P.; Faust, J.
27-Feb-2001 AVIRIS instrument computer changes in hardware and software for data acquisition Chippendale, B.
23-Feb-2000 AVIRIS Investigator's Guide for High and Low Altitude Experiments Faust, J.; Chovit, C.; Johnson, H.; Eastwood, M.; Sarture, C.; Pavri, B.
Jan-2000 AVIRIS Land-Surface Mapping in Support of the Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study Green, R.; Roberts, D.; Gamon, J.; Keightley, K.; Prentiss, D.; Reith, E.
12-Jan-1998 The AVIRIS Low Altitude Option - An Approach to Increase Geometric Resolution and Improve Operational Flexibility Simultaneously Sarture, C. M.; Chovit, C. J.; Chrien, T. G.; Eastwood, M. L.; Green, R. O.; Kurzweil, C. G.
Jan-2000 Aviris Radiometric Laboratory Calibration, Inflight Validation and a Focused Sensitivity Analysis in 1998 Green, R.; Pavri, B.; Faust, J.; Williams, O.
1999 AVIRIS Reveals Ancient Changes in Sea Level Within the Neoproterozoic Rocks of Southern Nevada Blom, R.; Abolins, M.
23-Jan-1995 AVIRIS User's Guide Johnson, H.; Green, R.
23-Feb-2000 AVIRIS/SeaWIFS Cross-Calibration for 1999 Pavri, B.; Green, R.
1994 AVIRIS: A New Age Approach to Earth Remote Sensing Green, R. O.; Sarture, C. M.; Chovit, C. J.; Faust, J. A.; Hajek, P.; Novak, J. I.
8-Mar-2002 AVIRS inflight calibration experiment 2000 and preliminary results from Argentina Green, R. O.; Pavri, B.
13-Aug-2012 Avoiding human error in mission operations : Cassini flight experience Burk, Thomas A.
Aug-1993 Azimuth Modulations in Ocean Radar Backscatter Observed by Airborne Ku-Band Scatterometer Nghiem, S. V.; Li, F. K.; Lou, S. H.; Neumann, G.
1999 Azimuth Track Level Compensation to Reduce Blind Pointing Errors of the Deep Space Network Antennas Gawronski, W.; Baher, F.; Quintero, O.
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