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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2012 Galileo interim radiation electron model : update—2012 Garrett, H. B.; Kokorowski, M.; Jun, I.; Evans, R. W.
Dec-2003 Galileo measurements of the Jovian electron radiation environment Garrett, H. B.; Jun, I.; Ratliff, J. M.; Evans, R. W.; Clough, G. A.; McEntire, R. W.
14-Nov-1994 Galileo Mission Planning for Low Gain Antenna Based Operations Gershman, R.; Buxbaum, K.; Ludwinski, J.; Paczkowski, B.
15-Nov-1994 Galileo Mission Planning For Low Gain Antenna Based Operations Gershman, R.; Buxbaum, K. L.; Ludwinski, J. M.; Paczkowski, B. G.
10-Oct-2002 Galileo mission status Johnson, T. V.
10-Oct-2002 Galileo mission status Johnson, T. V.
23-Mar-1996 Galileo Mission to Jupiter Ih, Che-Hang Charles
2000 The Galileo mission to Jupiter and its moons Johnson, T.
Dec-1995 The Galileo Mission Johnson, Torrence V.
25-Apr-1993 The Galileo Mission: Earth Encounters Update Ocampo, A.
May-1995 Galileo NIMS Direct Observations of the SL-9 Fireballs Carlson, R. W.; Weissman, P. R.; Hui, J.; Segura, M.; Johnson, T. V.; Smythe, W. D.; Baines, K. H.; Drossart, P.; Encrenaz, T.; Leader, F.; Mehlman, R.
Jan-1999 Galileo NIMS Near-Infrared Observations of Jupiter's Ring System Danielson, G.; Pilorz, S.; McMuldroch, S.
23-Oct-2000 Galileo NIMS Observations of Europa Shirley, J.; Carlson, R.
5-Dec-1994 Galileo NIMS Observations of the Impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter Carlson, R.
31-Oct-1994 Galileo NIMS Thermal Observations of Asteroid 243 Ida and 1993(243)1 Weissman, P.; Carlson, R.; Segura, M.; Smythe, W.; Matson, D.; Johnson, T.; Leader, F.; Kieffer, H.; Soderblom, L.; Fanale, F.; Granahan, J.; McCord, T.
3-Apr-1995 Galileo Observations of S-L9 Impacts Johnson, T.V.
Mar-1995 Galileo on Jupiter Approach O'Neil, W. J.
Oct-1995 Galileo on Jupiter Approach O'Neil, William J.
14-Feb-1994 Galileo Orbit Determination During the Ida Encounter Antreasian, P.G.; Nicholson, F.T.; Kallemeyn, P.H.; Bhaskaran, S.; Haw, R.J.; Halamek, P.
16-Aug-1993 Galileo Orbit Determination for the Earth-1 Encounter Bhaskaran, S.; Nicholson, F.; Kallemeyn, P.; Haw, R.; Antreasian, P.; Garner, G.
Aug-1993 Galileo Orbit Determination for the Earth-2 Encounter Bhaskaran, S.; Nicholson, F. T.; Kallemeyn, P. H.; Haw, R. J.; Antreasian, P. G.; Garner, G.
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