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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2004 Ballute aerocapture trajectories at Neptune Lyons, Daniel T.; Johnson, Wyatt
4-Aug-2003 Ballute aerocapture trajectories at Titan Lyons, D. T.
4-Aug-2003 Ballute aerocapture trajectories at Titan Lyons, Daniel T.; Johnson, Wyatt
28-Oct-1998 Band Distortions and Minor Components in the Spectra of Jupiter's Icy Galilean Satellites Smythe, W.; Carlson, R.; McCord, T.
23-Jun-2007 Band to band tunneling (BBT) induced leakage current enhancement in irradiated fully depleted SOI devices Adell, Phillipe C.; Barnaby, H. J.; Schrimpf, R. D.; Vermeire, B.
Mar-1998 Bandgap Shifting of an Ultra-Thin InGaAs/InP Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector Sengupta, D. K.; Gunapala, S. D.; Bandara, S. V.; Liu, J. K.; Luong, E.; Hong, W.; Mumolo, J.; Bae, Y.; Stillman, G. E.; Jackson, S. L.; Feng, M.; Bishop, S. G.; Adesida, I.; Chuang, S. L.; Hseih, K. C.; Kim, S.; Ping, A.; Curtis, A. P.; Kuo, H. C.; Change, Y. C.; Liu, H. C.
11-Jun-2001 Bandwidth efficient trellis-coded modulation with prescribed decoding delay - new interpretations and results Simon, M. K.; Darden, S.; Fong, M.
Bandwidth Enhancement Techniques for Microstrip Reflectarray Huang, J.
18-Jun-1995 Bandwidth Study of Microstrip Reflectarray And A Novel Phased Reflectarray Concept Huang, John
3-Aug-2009 Barium depletion in hollow cathode emitters Polk, James E.; Capece, Angela M.; Mikellides, Ioannis G.; Katz, Ira
25-Jul-2010 Barium depletion in the NSTAR discharge cathode after 30,000 hours of operation Polk, James E.; Capece, Angela M.; Mikellides, Ioannis G.; Katz, Ira
25-Oct-1999 Baroclinic IG Wave - Noise Glazman, R.
23-Oct-1996 Baroclinic Inertia-Gravity (BIG) Wave Turbulence Induced By Barotropic Tides Glazman, R. E.
12-Aug-2001 Baroclinic inertia-gravity wave turbulence and its effects on diffusion and fluctuations of ocean tracers Glazman, R. E.; Weichman, P. B.
10-Jun-2002 Basal melt beneath ice stream (A) and Willians ice stream (B) Joughin, I. R.; Tulaczyk, S.
18-Sep-2002 Basal melt beneath the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf Joughin, I.; Padman, L.
3-Oct-2002 Basal melt beneath Whillans ice stream and ice streams A and C Joughin, I. R.; Tulaczyk, S.; Engelhardt, H.
10-Jun-2002 Basal melt beneath Whillans Ice Stream and ice streams A and C Joughin, I.; Teluezyk, S.; Engelhardt, H.
6-Dec-1998 Basal Melting and Mass Balance of Antartic Glaciers Derived from ERS SAR Interferometry Rignot, E.
Mar-1995 BASE Earth Occultation Observations of Cygnus X-1 Ling, James
1994 Base-Invariant Symmetric Dynamics of Free-Flying Space Manipulators Jain, A.; Rodrizuez, G.
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