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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2007 Validation of the Aura Microwave Limb Sounder middle atmosphere water vapor and nitrous oxide measurements Lambert, A.; Read, W. G.; Livesey, N. J.; Santee, M. L.; Manney, G. L.; Froidevaux, L.; Wu, D. L.; Schwartz, M. J.; Pumphrey, H. C.; Jimenez, C.; Nedoluha, G. E.; Cofield, R. E.; Cuddy, D. T.; Daffer, W. H.; Drouin, B. J.; Fuller, R. A.; Jarnot, R. F.; Knosp, B. W.; Pickett, H. M.; Perun, V. S.; Snyder, W. V.; Stek, P. C.; Thurstans, R. P.; Wagner, P. A.; Waters, J. W.; Jucks, K. W.; Toon, G. C.; Stachnik, R. A.; Bernath, P. F.; Boone, C. D.; Walker, K. A.; Urban, J.; Murtagh, D.; Elkins, J. W.; Atlas, E.
20-Jun-1999 Validation of the NSTAR Ion Propulsion System on the Deep Space One Mission: Overview and Initial Results Polk, J.; Kakuda, R.; Anderson, J.; Brophy, J.; Rawlin, V.; Patterson, M.; Hamley, J.; Sovey, J.
12-Aug-2012 Validation of the radiometric stability of the atmospheric infrared sounder Aumann, H. H.; Elliott, D.; Strow, L. L.
2-Aug-1999 Validation of the SCARLET Advanced Array on DS1 Stella, P.; Nieraeth, D.; Murphy, D.; Eskenazi, M.; Stubstad, J.
1996 Validation of UARS Microwave Limb Sounder Temperature and Pressure Measurements Fishbein, E. F.; Cofield, R. E.; Froidevaux, L.; Jarnot, R. F.; Lungu, T.; Read, W. G.; Shippony, Z.; Waters, J. W.; McDermid, I. S.; McGee, T. J.; Singh, U.; Gross, M.; Hauchecorne, A.; Keckhut, P.; Gelman, M. E.; Nagatani, R. M.
1996 Validation of UARS MLS 183 GHz H<sub>2</sub>O Measurements Lahoz, W. A.; Suttie, M. R.; Froidevaux, L.; Harwood, R. S.; Lau, C. L.; Lungu, T. A.; Peckham, G. E.; Pumphrey, H. C.; Read, W. G.; Shippony, Z.; Suttie, R. A.; Waters, J. W.; Nedoluha, G. E.; Oltmans, S. J.; Russell, J. M.; Traub, W. A.
1994 Validation of UARS MLS C10 Measurements Waters, J.; Read, W.; Froideveaux, L.; Lungu, T.; Perun, V.; Stachnik, R.; Jarnot, R.; Cofield, R.; Fishbein, E.; Flower, D.; Burke, J.; Hardy, J.; Nakamura, L.; Ridenoure, B.; Shippony, Z.; Thurstans, R.; Avallone, L.; Toohey, D.; deZafra, R.; Shindell, D.
1994 Validation of UARS MLS Ozone Measurements Froidevaux, L.; Read, W. G.; Lungu, T. A; Cofield, R. E.; Fishbein, E. F.; Flower, D. A.; Jarnot, R. f.; Ridenoure, B. P.; Shippony, Z.; Waters, J. W.; Margitan, J. J.; Stachnik, I. S.; Peckham, G. E.; Braathen, G.; Deshler, T.; Fishman, J.; Hofmann, D. J.; Oltmans, S. J.; McDermid, R. A.
1-Oct-2006 The validation of vapor phase hydrogen peroxide microbial reduction for planetary protection and a proposed vacuum process specification Chung, Shirley; Barengoltz, Jack; Kern, Roger; Koukol, Robert; Cash, Howard
3-May-2005 Validation opening remarks and AIRS-AMSR-E comparisons. Fetzer, Eric J.
7-Mar-2006 Validation papers for topical collection in JGR and future validation publications Fetzer, Eric J.
8-May-2012 Validation results and MODTES an improved temperature-emissivity product for arid and semi-arid regions Hook, Simon J.; Hulley, Glynn; Hughes, Topher
6-Mar-2003 Valuation of technology development using a novel workflow approach to compound real options Tralli, D. M.
6-Mar-2004 Valuation of technology development using a novel workflow approach to compound real options Tralli, D. M.
21-May-1996 The Value Added by Manufacturing Quality Requirements Lissa Galbraith
23-Jul-2000 Value Added Products for SeaWinds on QuikSCAT Spencer, M.; Daffer, W.
12-Jun-2000 Value Focused Thinking and Probabilistic Reasoning for Space Mission Design Miles, R.
6-Mar-2013 The Value of SysML modeling during system operations : a case study Dutenhoffer, Chelsea; Tirona, Joseph
2-Mar-2013 The value of SysML modeling during system operations: a case study Dutenhoffer, Chelsea; Tirona, Joseph
18-Sep-2006 Value, cost, and sharing : open issues in constrained clustering Wagstaff, Kiri L.
11-Oct-1994 VAPEPS Management Center Fernandez, J.
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