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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Mar-2005 Target tracking, approach, and camera handoff for automated instrument placement Bajracharya, Max; Diaz-Calderon, Antonio; Robinson, Matthew; Powell, Mark
30-Apr-1997 Targeted Commercialization: Technology Transfer as an Element of Economic Development Tralli, David
1994 Targeting an Optimal Lunar Transfer Trajectory Using Ballistic Capture Miller, James K.
16-Sep-2006 Targeting and localization for Mars Rover operations Powell, Mark W.; Crockett, Thomas; Fox, Jason M.; Joswig, Joseph C.; Norris, Jeffrey S.; Rabe, Kenneth J.
13-May-2010 Targeting low-energy ballistic lunar transfers Parker, Jeffrey S.
1-Aug-2011 Targeting low-energy transfers to low lunar orbit Anderson, Rodney L.; Parker, Jeffrey S.; Anderson, Rodney L.
31-Jul-2011 Targeting low-energy transfers to low lunar orbit Parker, Jeffrey S.; Anderson, Rodney L.
Dec-1993 Targeting Safety-Related Errors During Software Requirements Analysis Lutz, R. R.
22-Oct-2007 TCP performance enhancement over iridium Torgerson, Leigh; Hutcherson, Joseph; McKelvey, James
11-Jul-1999 TE/TM Simulation of Interferometric Measurements Houshmand, B.
10-Oct-2001 Teaching engineering ethics: a new approach Bekir, N.; Cable, V.; Hashimoto, I.; Katz, S.
8-Sep-2003 Teaching virtually: going beyond the static web page text with virtual experiences Bielski, C. M.
16-Mar-1998 Teague Ring Impact Structure, Western Australia: Gravity Survey Plescia, J.
3-May-2005 Team 2 : AIRS only retrieval Lee, Sung-Yung; Manning, Evan; Blaisdell, John; Susskind, Joel; Barnet, Chris; Goldberg, Mitch; Cho, Chuck; Staelin, Dave; Blackwelll, Bill
9-Jun-1999 Team Efficiencies Within a Model-Driven Design Process Smith, D.; Koenig, L.; Wall, S.
20-Jan-2000 Team I - A New Design Pardigm Oxnevad, K.
4-Jan-2011 A team mental model perspective of pre-quantitative risk Cooper, Lynne P.
Feb-2004 Team sequence execution for cluster operations Barrett, Anthony; Chung, Seung; Oursland, Alan
6-Mar-1999 Team Structures and Processes in the Design of Space Missions Wall, S.; Smith, D.; Koenig, L.; Baker, J.
2003 Team X modeling and experiments Schreiber, Craig; Carley, Kathleen
1-Jul-2013 Team X Report #1401: exoplanet coronagraph STDT study 2013-06 Warfield, Keith
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