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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2004 The 1997-1999 abrupt change of the upper ocean temperature in the north central Pacific. Kim, Seung-Bum; Lee, Tong; Fukumori, Ichiro
1995 The 1998 Mars Surveyor Lander and Orbiter Project McNamee, John
3-Mar-2008 1KW power transmission using Wireless Acoustic-Electric Feed-through (WAEF) Sherrit, S.; Bao, X.; Badescu, M.; Aldrich, J.; Bar-Cohen, Y.; Biederman, W.; Chang, Z.
16-Nov-2009 1st year work at JPL Kaluzny, Joel
8-Nov-1999 The 2 Micron All Sky Survey Beichman, C.
31-May-2004 2 μn InAsSb quantum-dot lasers Qiu, Yueming; Uhl, David; Keo, Sam
Jul-2004 A 2-D model of a hollow cathode insert plasma Anderson, I.; Katz, J. E.; Polk, D. M.; Goebel, J. R.
1-Nov-1999 2-D Transform-Domain Extended-Image Acquisition and Tracking Technique for Optical Pointing Tsou, H.; Racho, C.; Yan, T. Y.
20-Jul-1992 2.3 GHz VLBI Images of Southern Hemisphere Radio Galaxies and Quasars Murphy, David W.
17-Mar-1998 2.5 THz GaAs Monolithic Membrane-Diode Mixer A New Planar Circut Realization for High Frequency Semiconductor Components Siegel, P.; Smith, R.; Gaidis, M.; Martin, S.; Podosek, J.; Zimmermann, U.
26-Apr-2011 A 2.5-2.7 THz room temperature electronic source Maestrini, Alain; Mehdi, Imran; Lin, Robert; Siles, José Vicente; Lee, Choonsup; Gill, John; Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Schlecht, Erich; Bertrand, Thomas; Ward, John
16-Jul-2001 A 2.5-K GM/J-T cooler for maser low-noise amplifiers Britcliffe, M. J.; Hanson, T. R.
16-Jul-2001 A 2.5K GM/J-T Cooler for Maser Low-Noise Amplifier Cooling Hanson, T.; Britcliffe, M.
15-Nov-2000 2.7 THz waveguide tripler using monolithic membrane diodes Maiwald, F.; Martin, S.; Bruston, J.; Maestrini, A.; Crawford, T.; Siegel, P. H.
A 20 GHz Active Receive Slot Array Tulintseff, A. N.; Lee, K.; Sukamto, L.; Chew, W.
1993 20 GHz MMIC Receive Module for the Acts Mobile Terminal Sukamto, L.
18-Sep-2003 20 K continuous cycle sorption coolers for the Planck flight mission Bhandari, P.; Prina, M.; Bowman, R. C. Jr.; Paine, C.; Pearson, D.; Nash, A.
9-Nov-2003 A 20 mW 150 GHz InP HEMT MMIC power amplifier module Samoska, L.; Peralta, A.; Hu, M.; Micovic, M.; Schmitz, A.
8-Apr-2013 20 Years of precision orbit determination for altimetry with GPS Bertiger, Willy; Desai, Shailen; Dorsey, Angie; Fernandez, Miquel; Haines, Bruce; Munson, Tim; Selle, Christina; Weiss, Jan; Wu, Wenwen; Young, Larry
1-May-2000 200 and 400 GHz Schottky Diode Multipliers Fabricated with Integrated Air-Dielectric (Substrateless) Circuitry Schlecht, E.; Mehdi, I.; Bruston, J.; Smith, R.; Martin, S.; Fung, A.; Tsang, R.
1-May-2000 200 and 400 GHz Schottky diode multipliers fabricated with integrated air-dielectric (substrateless) circuitry Schlecht, E.; Bruston, J.; Maestrini, A.; Martin, S.; Pukala, D.; Tsang, R.; Fung, A.; Smith, R. P.; Mehdi, I.
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