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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2003 A 94 GHz RF electronics subsystem for the CloudSat cloud profiling radar LaBelle, Remi C.; Girard, Ralph; Arbery, Graham
10-Mar-2001 A 94 GHz spaceborne cloud profiling radar antenna system Spitz, S.; Prata, A.; Harrell, J.; Perez, R.; Veruttipong, W.
10-Mar-2001 The 94-GHz cloud profiling radar for the CloudSat mission Im, E.; Durden, S. L.; Wu, C.; Livermore, T. R.
1995 A* Decoding of Block Codes Ekroot, L.; Dolinar, S.
1999 A***Sup119***Sn Mossbauer Spectometry Study of Li-SnO Anode Materials for Li-Ion Cells Ratnakumar, B.; Huang, C. K.; Hightower, A.; Delcroix, P.; Le Caer, G.; Ahn, C.; Fultz, B.
8-Feb-2003 A-B-Cs of sun-synchronous orbit mission design Boain, R. J.
Feb-2004 A-B-Cs of sun-synchronous orbit mission design Boain, Ronald J.
Feb-2004 A-B-Cs of sun-synchronous orbit mission design Boain, Ronald J.
3-Sep-1998 A2.5 THz Receiver Front-End for Spaceborne Application Gaidis, M. C.; Pickett, H. M.; Siegel, P. H.; Smith, C. D.; Smith, R. P.; Martin, S. C.
Feb-1999 A2.5 THz Receiver Front-End for Spaceborne Applications Gaidis, M.; Pickett, H.; Siegel, P.; Smith, C.; Smith, R.; Martin, S.
31-Oct-1994 AAT Observations of Shoemaker Levy-9 Collisions with Jupiter Meadows, V.; Crisp, D.; Orton, G.; Brooke, T.; Spencer, J.
2000 AAT Observations of the SL-9 Fragment C,D, G,K,N,R,V and W Impacts with Jupiter: Lightcurves and Imaging Meadows, V.; Crisp, D.; Barnes, J.; Orton, G.; Brooke, T.; Spencer, J.
13-Jul-1999 The Abell Cluster Dipole Flow to 200 Mpc Dale, D.
10-Sep-2003 The ability of multi-angle and multi-spectral remote sensing observations to distinguish mineral dust composition-shape-size (CSS) types. Kalashnikova, Olga V.; Kahn, Ralph; Sokolik, Irina N.
Oct-1995 AbNET, A Fault-Tolerant Fiber Optic Communication System Kirkham, Harold
May-2005 Absolute charge exchange cross sections for O^5+, O^6+ and O^7+ collisions with CO and CO2 Smith, Steven J.; Mawhorter, R.; Djuric, N.; MacAskill, J.; Smith, S. J.
27-May-1998 Absolute Cross Sections for Electron Imact Excitation in SIII Greenwood, J. B.; Smith, S. J.; Chutjian, A.
18-Jul-2001 Absolute cross sections for single electron capture IN***sup3***He***sup2+*** impact on CO Chutjian, A.; Cadez, I.; Greenwood, J. B.; Smith, S. J.; Niimura, M.
3-Aug-2003 Absolute distance measurement with the MSTAR sensor Lay, Oliver P.; Dubovitsky, Serge; Peters, Robert; Burger, Johan; Ahn, Seh-Won; Steier, William H.; Fetterman, Harrold R.; Chang, Yian
1993 Absolute Electron Impact Ionization Cross Sections for N<sub>2</sub>O and NO from Threshold up to 1000 eV Srivastava, S.; Iga, I.; Rao, M.
1996 Absolute Inelastic Differential Electron Scattering Cross Sections for He, Xe, N2, and CO at Near Threshold Impact Energies for 90° Scattering Angle LeClair, L. R.; Trajmar, S.
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