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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2003 Rover traverse science for increased mission science return Castano, Rebecca; Anderson, Robert C.; Estlin, Tara; DeCoste, Dennis; Fisher, Forest; Gaines, Daniel; Mazzoni, Dominic; Judd, Michele
24-Jul-2002 Rover traverse science: the opportunities and the challenges Judd, M.
Aug-2005 Rover-based visual target tracking validation and mission infusion Kim, Won S.; Steele, Robert D.; Ansar, Adnan I.; Ali, Khaled; Nesnas, Issa
30-Jun-2003 Rovers for intelligent, agile traverse of challenging terrain Schenker, P.; Huntsberger, T.; Pirjanian, P.; Dubowsky, S.; Iagnemma, K.; Sujan, V.
29-Jan-1997 Rovers in the U.S. Mars Exploration Program Shirley, D.
Mar-1998 The Rovibrational Intensities of the 2V***sub3*** Band of ***sup12***C***sup16***0***sup18***0 at 4639 cm-1 Kshirsagar, R. J.; Giver, L. P.; Chackerian, C.; Brown, L. R.
1996 Roving for Rocks on the Red Planet: The Mars Pathfinder Mission Golombeck, M.
17-Oct-2005 RPS strategies to enable NASA’s next decade robotic Mars missions Balint, Tibor S.; Jordan, James F.
Jul-2005 RSS feeds in BEACON's Sci-Tech News Hendrickson, Susan M.
22-Aug-2002 RTC: a distributed realtime control system toolkit Lockhart, T.
20-Jun-1994 RTG Waste Heat System for the Cassini Propulsion Module Mireles, V.; Stultz, J.
Nov-2003 RTSJ memory areas and their affects on the performance of a flight-like attitude control system Niessner, Albert F.; Benowitz, Edward G.
Nov-2003 RTSJ memory areas and their affects on the performance of a flight-like attitude control system Niessner, Albert F.; Benowitz, Edward G.
1-Aug-1993 Ru2Ge3: Crystal Growth and Some Properties Borchchevsky, A.; Fleurial, J.P.
Aug-1993 Ru<sub>2</sub>Ge<sub>3</sub>: Crystal Growth and Come Properties Borshchevsky, A.; Fleurial, J-P.
7-Sep-2012 Rubber to road practicing MBSE as an Empowered SE Cole, Bjorn
Sep-1997 Rubidium Ultra-Stable Oscillators at Titan: The Huygens Doppler Wind Experiment Bird, M. K.; Allison, M.; Atkinson, D. H.; Asmar, S. W.; Dutta-Roy, R.; Edenhofer, P.; Folkner, W. M.; Heyl, M.; Iess, L.; Plettemeier, D.; Preston, R. A.; Tyler, G. L.; Wohlmuth, R.
4-Jan-1998 RUDR: A New Paradigm for Model Extraction and Fitting Olson, Clark F.
8-May-2002 Rugged, laser-welded packaging of a fiber-pigtailed Nd:YAG laser Asbury, C. G.; Mulder, J. L.; Liu, D.; Dubovitsky, S.
27-Nov-2001 Rule-based estimation and control of formation flying spacecraft Hadaegh, F. Y.; Kang, B.; Scharf, D. P.
21-May-2001 A rule-based fuzzy traversability index for mobile robot navigation Howard, A.; Seraji, H.; Tunstel, E.
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