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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2005 Galaxy evolution explorer PI-mode implementation experience Fanson, James L.
8-Nov-2011 Galaxy Evolution Explorer postcards from a PM Fanson, James
12-Sep-1999 Galaxy Evolution: IR and Sub-mm Perspectives Lonsdale, C.
Dec-1995 Galaxy Morphology From the UV to the FIR: An Intercomparison of Recent Observations From Space With New Radiative Transfer Models (CIT), Barry Madore
17-Jun-2003 GALEX Instrument: Pegasus launch temperature effects on a frequency tuned damped structure Coleman, Michelle
11-Dec-2002 GALEX telescope vibration response reduction Coleman, M.
25-Jun-2002 GALEX telescope vibration response reduction Coleman, M.
11-Dec-2002 GALEX telescope vibration response reduction Coleman, Michelle R.
Jun-1997 Galilean Satellite Ephemerides E5 Lieske, J. H.
1995 Galilean Satellite Observation Plans for the Near Infrared Smyth, W. D.; Lopes-Gautier, R.; Ocampo, A.; Hui, J.; Segura, M.; Soderblom, L. A.; Matson, D. L.; Kieffer, H. H.; McCord, T. B.; Fanale, F. P.; Calvin, W. M.; Sunshine, J.; Barbinis, E.; Carlson, R. W.; Weissman, P. R.
May-1995 Galilean Satellites Lieske, J. H.
1-Jul-1996 Galilean Satellites and the Galileo Space Mission Lieske, J. H.
25-Mar-2001 Galileo and Cassini at Jupiter: overview of the Galileo encounter Johnson, T. V.
27-Nov-2001 Galileo and Cassini explore the Jupiter system Johnson, T. V.; Matson, D. L.
10-Oct-1999 Galileo and HST Observations of Jupiter's Polar Stratospheric Haze West, R.
Dec-1995 Galileo Antenna Failure and Mission Recovery Kellogg, Kent
6-Aug-2000 Galileo at IO: Results from the Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer Lopes-Gautier, R.; Carlson, R.; Smythe, W.; McEwen, A.; Spencer, J.; Davies, A.; Kamp, L.; Soderblom, L.
7-Jan-1997 Galileo at Jupiter: First Results Johnson, Torrence V.
11-May-1998 Galileo at Jupiter: Orbiter Observations of Jupiter, Rings and Satellites Johnson, T.
8-Dec-1997 Galileo at Jupiter: Past, Present and Future Johnson, Torrence V.
1996 Galileo at Jupiter: Status and Overview (abstract) Johnson, Torrence V.
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