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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Winter Sea Ice Mapping From Multi-Parameter Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Rignot, E.; Drinkwater, M.
14-Oct-1993 Winter Weddell Gyre Study Microwave Radar Observations Coupled With Air-Sea-Ice Surface Flux Measurements Drinkwater, Mark R.
8-May-1996 The WIRE Image Simulator Shupe, David L.; Huber, A. Kris; Hacking, Perry B.
9-Mar-1999 Wireless Augmented Reality Prototype (WARP) Devereaux, A.
15-Jun-2010 Wireless intra-spacecraft communication: the benefits and the challenges Zheng, Will H.; Armstrong, John T.
9-Mar-2014 Wireless monitoring of the height of condensed water in steam pipes Lee, Hyeong Jae; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Lih, Shyh-Shiuh; Badescu, Mircea; Dingizian, Arsham; Takano, Nobuyuki; Blosiu, Julian O.
7-Mar-2005 Wirelessly controllable inflated electroactive polymer (EAP) reflectors Bao, Xiaoqi; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Chang, Zensheu; Sherrit, Stewart; Badescu, Mircea
18-Mar-2013 Wireline deep drill for the exploration of ivy bodies Paulsen, G.; Zacny, K.; Melrowicz, B.; Craft, J.; Bar-Cohen, Y.; Beegle, L.; Sherrit, S.; Badescu, M.; Corsetti, F.; Ibarra, Y.
7-Mar-2011 WISE observations of comets, centaurs, & scattered disk objects Bauer, J.; Walker, R.; Mainzer, A.; Masiero, J.; Grav, T.; Cutri, R.; Dailey, J.; McMillan, R.; Lisse, C. M.; Fernandez, Y. R.; Meech, K. J.; Pittichova, J.; Tholen, D.; DeBaun, E.; Hand, E.
1-Aug-2010 The WISE satellite development: managing the risks and the opportunities Duval, Valerie G.; Elwell, John D.; Howard, Joan F.; Irace, William R.; Liu, Feng-Chuan
2-Oct-2011 WISE views of centaurs & scattered disk objects Bauer, J. M.; Walker, R.; Mainzer, A.; Blauvelt, E.; Masiero, J.; Grav, T.; Cutri, R.; Dailey, J.; Lisse, C. M.; Fernandez, Y. R.; Meech, K. J.; McMillan, R.; Tholen, D.; Wright, E. L.
Dec-2003 WISE: the wide-field infrared survey explorer Mainzer, Amy
7-Jan-2001 WIYN open cluster study: a new look at the Pleiades lithium problem Stauffer, J.; Navascues, D. B. y; Delyannis, C. P.
Feb-1995 Working Group 1 Research Activities Report Pap, Judit
6-Mar-1999 Working Together: Automatic Generation of Command Sequences for Multiple Cooperating Rovers Rabideau, G.; Estlin, T.; Chien, S.
12-Sep-2001 Working with informal education: a partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) on a national level Betrue, R.
12-Jun-2002 Working with informal education: a partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA on a national level Betrue, R.
27-Nov-2001 Working with informal education: opportunities for scientists to work with the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) Betrue, R.
12-Jun-2002 Working with scientists in the A.A.S. division for planetary sciences Miner, E.
5-Aug-2014 Workstation designs for a Cis-lunar deep space habitat Howe, A. Scott
18-Aug-2008 Workstation-based avionics simulator to support Mars Science Laboratory flight software development Henriquez, David; Canham, Timothy; Chang, Johnny T.; McMahon, Elihu
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