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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-1994 (abstract) A Miniature, High-Sensitivity, Electron-Tunneling Accelerometer Gabrielson, Thomas B.; Rockstad, Howard K.; Tang, Tony K.
24-Jul-1995 (abstract) A Polarimetric Model for Effects of Brine Infiltrated Snow Cover and Frost Flowers on Sea Ice Backscatter Nghiem, S.V.; Kwok, R.; Yueh, S.H.
12-Jan-1995 (abstract) A Relativistically Expanding Radio Source Associated with GRO J1655-40 Murphy, D.W.; Tengay, S.J.; Jauncey, D.L.; Preston, R.A.; Reynolds, J.E.; Meier, D.L.; Tzioumis, A.K.; Jones, D.L.
Jul-1994 (abstract) A Solar Electric Propulsion Mission to the Moon and Beyond! Russell, C.T.; Pieters, C.M.; Konopliv, A.; Metzger, A.; Sercel, J.; Hickman, M.; Palac, D.; Sykes, M.
(abstract) A Test of the Theoretical Models of Bipolar Outflows: The Bipolar Outflow in Mon R2 Xie, Taoling; Goldsmith, Paul; Patel, Nimesh
Dec-1994 (abstract) A VLBI Test of Tropospheric Delay Calibration with WVRs Linfield, R.P.; Teitelbaum, L.P.; Keihm, S.J.; Resch, G.M.; Mahoney, M.J.; Treuhaft, R.N.
5-Jan-1994 (abstract) Absolute Flux Calibrations of Venus and Jupiter at 32 GHz Gatti, Mark S.; Michael J. Klein
Dec-1994 (abstract) Airborne Emission Spectrometer (AES) Beer, Reinhard
12-Aug-1996 (abstract) Alaska SAR Facility Ocean and Ice Data Opportunities Over the Next Decade Carsey, Frank; Wales, Carl
15-May-1993 (abstract) Alkali Metal Diffusion Through Porous Metal Electrodes in AMTEC Cells Williams, R.M.; Jeffries-Nakamura, B.; Ryan, M.A.; Underwood, M.L.; O'Connor, D.; Kisor, A.; Kikkert, S.
Apr-1995 (abstract) All Epitaxial Edge-geometry SNS Devices with Doped PBCO and YBCO Normal Layers Barner, J.B.; Hunt, B.D.; Foote, M.C.
23-Jul-1996 (abstract) Altimeter Calibration and Geophysical Monitoring from Collocated Measurements at the Harvest Oil Platform Haines, B. J.; Christensen, E. J.; Norman, R. A.; Parke, M. E.; Born, G. H.; Gill, S. K.
6-Jun-1995 (abstract) AMT Experiment Results Abbe, Brian S.; Pinck, Deborah S.
7-Dec-1993 (abstract) An Ada Language Modular Telerobot Task Execution System Backes, Paul; Long, Mark; Steele, Robert
11-Nov-1996 (abstract) An All Sky Cirrus Confusion Noise Map for WIRE Gautier, T. N.
19-Sep-1995 (abstract) An Assessment of Electric Propulsion Research, Development, and Application in the United States Stephenson, R. Rhoads
15-Dec-1996 (abstract) An Extensive Search for Interplanetary Slow-mode Shocks: Ulysses Sakurai, R.; Ho, C. M.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Goldstein, B. E.; Balogh, A.
10-Oct-1994 (abstract) Application of Neural Networks to Hyperspectral Unmixing Barhen, Jacob; Toomarian, Nikzad
15-May-1995 (abstract) Application of Non-coherent Data Types for Deep Space Navigation Bhaskaran, Shyam
8-Oct-1996 (abstract) Application of Space Technology to NDE at JPL Bar-Cohen, Yoseph
14-Jan-1997 (abstract) Application of the GPS Worldwide Network in the Study of Global Ionospheric Storms Ho, C. M.; Mannucci, A. J.; Lindqwister, U. J.; Pi, X.; Sparks, L. C.; Rao, A. M.; Wilsion, B. D.; Yuan, D. N.; Reyes, M.
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