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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1994 Lahar Risk on the NE Flank of Popocatepetl Volcano Delgado, H.; Huesca, E.A. Gonzalez; Abrams, M.
21-Jul-1993 The Lambda Point Experiment in Microgravity Lipa, J.A.; Swanson, D.R.; Nissen, J.A.; Chui, T.C.P.
19-Jan-1994 The Lambda Point in a Low-g Simulator-Progress Report Larson, Melora
Jul-1993 Lambda-Point Experimant Helium Cryostat Cryoservicing, Functions, and Performance Petrac, D.; Israelsson, U. E.; Luchik, T. S.
13-Jul-1993 The Lambda-Point Experiment: Helium Cryostat, Cryo-Servicing, Functions, and Performance Petrac, D.; Israelsson, U.; Luchik, T.
Sep-1998 Laminae in the Tropical Middle Stratosphere: Origin and Age Estimation Salawitch, R.; Margitan, J.; Jost, H.
16-Dec-2000 Lamination and polar vortex development in fall from ATMOS long-lived trace gases observed during November 1994 Manney, G.; Michelson, H.; Irion, F.; Toon, G.; Gunson, M.; Roche, A.
16-Dec-2000 Lamination and polar vortex development in the fall from ATMOS long-lived trace gases observed during November 1994 Manney, G. L.; Michelsen, H. A.; Irion, F. W.; Toon, G. C.; Gunson, H. R.
1996 Land Covering Classifications of Boreas Modeling Grid Using AIRSAR Images Saatchi, Sasan S.; Rignot, Eric
22-Sep-1993 Land Mobile Satellite Antenna Development at JPL Densmore, A.; Jamnejad, V.; Tulintseff, A.; Huang, J.; Lee, K.; Sukamto, L.; Crist, R.
29-May-2001 Land parameter estimation using satellite microwave radiometry: retrieval issues Njoku, E. G.; Chan, S.
2003 Land subsidence at the Lost Hills Oilfield, California Realmuto, V. J.; Crippen, R.
31-Aug-2012 Land surface model processes and benchmarking Fisher, Joshua B.
10-May-2011 A Land Surface Temperature (LST) product for LandSAT Hulley, Glynn; Hook, Simon
25-Mar-2001 Land surface temperature measurements by ASTER and MODIS - first results Hook, S. J.; Prata, F.
11-Jan-2005 Land surface water cycles observed with satellite sensors. Nghiem, Son V.; Njoku, E. G.; Brakenridge, G. R.; Kim, Y.
1993 The Landers Earthquake, 28 June 1992: Seeing Calfornia Move with GPS Satellites Blewitt, G.; Bock, Y.
20-Aug-2006 Landing and population hazard analysis for Stardust entry in operations and entry planning. Tooley, Jeff; Desai, Prasun N.; Lynos, Daniel T.; Hirst, Edward A.; Wahl, Tom E.; Wawrzyniak, Georffery G.
21-Jun-2000 Landing on Mars Manning, R.
1-Sep-2005 Landing on Mars Manning, Robert M.; Adler, Mark
18-Aug-2008 Landing site dispersion analysis and statistical assessment for the Mars Phoenix Lander Bonfiglio, Eugene P.; Adams, Douglas; Craig, Lynn; Spencer, David A.; Strauss, William; Seelos, Frank P.; Seelos, Kimberly D.; Arvidson, Ray; Heet, Tabatha
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