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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Heavy Ozone Enrichment from ATMOS Infrared Solar Spectra Irion, F. W.; Gunson, M. R.; Rinsland, C. P.; Yung, Y. L.; Abrams, M. C.; Chang, A. Y.; Goldman, A.
May-2005 HEBS and Binary 1-sinc masks simulations, HCIT experiments and results Balasubramanian, Bala K.; Hoppe, Dan; Wilson, Dan; Echternach, Pierre; Trauger, John; Halverson, Peter; Niessner, Al; Shi, Fang; Lowman, Andrew
26-Sep-2011 Height and thickness of a scattering (aerosol or cloud) layer from space-based O2 A-band spectroscopy : an analytical approach Davis, Anthony B.
21-Jul-2013 Height error correction for the new SRTM elevation product Neumann, Maxim; Simard, Marc; Buckley, Sean; Shimada, Joanne; Gurrola, Eric; Martin, Jan; Hensley, Scott; Rosen, Paul
6-Mar-2004 Height reconstruction techniques for synthetic aperture lidar systems Chen, C. W.; Hensley, S.
6-Mar-2003 Height reconstruction techniques for synthetic aperture lidar systems Chen, Curtis W.; Hensley, Scott
6-Jan-2002 Helicity in supercritical temporal mixing layers Okong'o, N. A.; Bellan, J.
6-Jan-2003 Helicity in supercritical temporal mixing layers Bellan, J.; Okong'o, N.
1996 Helicon Modes Driven by Ionosheric 0+ Ions in the Plasma Sheet Region Lakhina, Gurbax S.; Tsurutani, Bruce T.
12-Oct-1993 Helicopter Satellite Communication (SATCOM): Development of Low-Cost Real-Time Voice and Data System for Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service (AMSS) Farazian, K.; Divsalar, D.; Golshan, N.; Wu, T.; Hinedi, S.
22-Mar-2002 A helicopter testbed for autonomous vision-guided safe and precise landing Montgomery, J. F.
1995 Heliomagnetic Latitude Dependence of Heliospheric Magnetic Field Burton, M.; Smith, E.; Balogh, A.; Murphy, N.
1995 Heliomagnetic Latitude Dependence of the Heliospheric Magnetic Field Burton, M.; Smith, E.; Balogh, A.
27-Oct-2002 Helioseismic probing of solar dynamo flows Ruzmaikin, A.; Lindsey, C.
Jul-1999 The Heliosphere and Beyond Smith, E.
Jun-1995 The Heliosphere Magnetic Field Over the South Polar Region of the Sun Smith, E. J.
1997 Heliospheric Plasma Sheet and Coronal Streamers Bavassano, B.; Woo, R.; Bruno, R.
Feb-1995 The Helium Magnetometer: An Instrument Providing Exceptional Sensitivity, Accuracy and Smith, E. J.
2-Jun-2010 Helium pressure shift of the hyperfine clock transition in ²⁰¹Hg+ Larigani, S. Taghavi; Burt, E.A.; Tjoelker, R.L.
7-Apr-2002 Helium-4 experiments near T_Lambda in a low-gravity simulator Liu, Y.; Isrealsson, U. E.; Larson, M.; Holmes, W.
4-Aug-1999 Helium-4 Experiments near T_Lambda in a Low-gravity Simulator Liu, Y.; Larson, M.; Israelsson, U.
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