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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1995 Observation of Atmospheric Gravity Waves From Space Wu, Dong
1994 Observation of CH A->X, Cn B->X, and NH A->X Emissions in Gas-phase Collisions of Fast O (<sup>3</sup>P) Atoms with Hydrazines Orient, O.; Chutjian, A.; Murad, E.
Feb-1995 Observation of CH A2 - X2, and B2 - X2, Emissions in Gas-Phase Collisions of Fast O(3P) Atoms Orient, O. J.
1994 Observation of CH A<sup>2</sup><img src="delta.gif"> ->X<sup>2pi</sup> and B<sup>2(sigma)</sup> -> X<sup><img src="pi.gif"></sup> Emissions in Gas-Phase Collisions of Fast O (<sup>3</sup>P) Atoms with Acetylene Orient, O.; Chutjian, J.; Murad, E.
9-Aug-1993 Observation of Changes in the Temperature Structure of the Middle Atmosphere of Venus Between 55 and 90km by thirteen years of Pioneer Venus Radio Occulations Kliore, A.J.; Chong, D.
21-Jul-1993 Observation of CN A - X and B- X Emissions In Gas-Phase Collisons of Fast 0(3P) Atoms with HCN Orient, O.J.; Chutjian, A.; Martus, K.E.; Murad, E.
Mar-1995 Observation of Energy Fluctuation Day, P.; Hahn, I.; Chui, T.; Rowe, D.; Harter, A.
3-Aug-1997 Observation of Global Ocean-Atmosphere Exchanges from Spaceborne Sensors Liu, W. Timothy
1993 Observation of Local Cloud and Moisture Feedbacks Associated with High Ocean and Desert Surface Temperatures Chahine, M. T.
Jul-1994 Observation of Local Cloud and Moisture Feedbacks Over High Ocean and Desert Surface Temperatures Chahine, M. T.
1996 Observation of Mass Transport Stability and Faraday Instability: Why Stable Single Bubble Sonoluminescence is Possible Holt, R. G.; Gaitan, D. F.
6-Oct-2006 Observation of night OH in the mesosphere Pickett, H. M.; Read, W. G.; Lee, K. K.; Yung, Y. L.
2000 Observation of Sea Ice Surface Thermal States Under Cloud Cover Nghiem, S.; Perovich, D.; Gow, A.; Kwok, R.; Barber, D.; Comiso, J.
31-May-1999 Observation of Secondary Proton Beams by the Ulysses SWOOPS Plasma Detector Goldstein, B.; Zhang, D.; Neugebauer, M.; Gary, S.
1995 Observation of Shoemaker-Levy Impacts by the Galileo Photopolarimeter Radiometer Martin, T. Z.; Orton, G. S.; Travis, L. D.; Tamppari, L. K.; Claypool, I.
May-1995 Observation of the Global Ocean Circulation From the TOPEX/POSEIDON Mission Fu, L.-L.
6-Jul-1998 Observation of the Middle Atmospheric Thermal Tides Using Lidar Measurements Over Mauna Loa Observatory (19.5***superdegree***N, 155.6***superdegree***W) McDermid, I.; Leblanc, T.
8-Nov-2004 Observation planning made simple with Science Opportunity Analyzer (SOA) Streiffert, Barbara A.; Polanskey, Carol A.
5-May-2002 Observational architecture for monitoring earthquake deformation from space Raymond, C. A.; Madsen, S.; Lundgren, P.
21-Jul-2003 Observational architectures for enabling earthquake forecasting Chen, C. W.; Raymond, C. A.; Madsen, S. N.
10-Dec-2001 Observational associations between the solar corona and solar interior Woo, R.; Armstrong, J. W.; Habbal, S. R.
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