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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1995 Ka-Band Channel Characterization for Mobile Satellite Systems Pinck, Deborah S.; Rice, Michael
Jun-1994 A Ka-Band Circularly Polarized High-Gain Microstrip Array Huang, J.
7-Jun-2010 Ka-band digital beamforming and SweepSAR demonstration for ice and solid earth topography Sadowy, Gregory; Ghaemi, Hirad; Heavy, Brandon; Perković, Dragana; Quddus, Momin; Zawadzki, Mark; Moller, Delwyn
12-Oct-2009 Ka-band high-rate telemetry system upgrade for the NASA Deep Space Network LaBelle, Remi; Bernardo, Abner; Bowen, James; Britcliffe, Michael; Bucknam, Neil; Link, Christopher; Long, Ezra; Manalo, Leslie; O’Dea, James A.; Rochblatt, David; Sosnowski, John; Veruttipong, Watt
1994 Ka-Band Link Experiment (KaBLE) Description and Preliminary Results Hinedi, S.
1994 Ka-Band Mobile Experiments Abbe, B. S.; Jedrey, T. C.; Agan, M. J.
Oct-1995 Ka-Band Propagation Research Using ACTS Davarian, F.
8-Jul-2012 Ka-band reflectarray for interferometric SAR altimeter Hodges, Richard; Zawadzki, Mark
8-Feb-2000 Ka-band Solid State Power Amplifier (KAPA) Herman, N.; Amaro, L.; Chen, C-C.; Gaughen, G.; Hatch, W.; Howard, J.; Makovsky, A.; Pederson, K.; Petree, S.; Scaramastra, R.; Taylor, F.; Vacchione, J.; Valas, S.
4-Aug-1996 Ka-Band Tiny Transmitter for the New Millenium Program Riley, L.; Grimm, M.; Antsos, D.; Grigorian, E.; Kayalar, S.; Kermode, A.; Mittskus, A.; Olson, E.
Sep-2004 Ka-band wide-bandgap solid-state power amplifier task Silva, Arnold; Khan, Paul; Epp, Larry; Lay, Norman
Jan-2004 Ka-band wide-bandgap solid-state power amplifier technology Arnold, Silva
Jan-2004 Ka-band wide-bandgap solid-state power amplifier technology Silva, Arnold
18-Aug-2008 Kaguya orbit determination from JPL Haw, Robert J.; Mottinger, N. A.; Graat, E. J.; Jefferson, D. C.; Park, R.; Menom, P.; Higa, E.
25-Aug-2002 KALI camera - mid-infrared camera for the Keck Interferometer Nuller Creech-Eakman, M. J.; Moore, J.; Palmer, D. L.; Serabyn, E.
24-Apr-2000 The Kalman Earth Orientation Filter Gross, R.
1997 A Kalman Filter-Based Approach to Combining Independent Earth Orientation Series Gross, R. S.; Eubanks, T. M.; Steppe, J. A.; Freedman, A. P.; Dickey, J. O.; Runge, T. F.
27-Nov-2001 Kalman plus weights: a time scale algorithm Greenhall, C. A.
27-Nov-2001 Kalman plus weights: a time scale algorithm Greenhall, C. A.
13-Dec-1999 A Kalman-Filter-Based Approach to Combining Earth Orientation Series Gross, R.
22-Jul-2013 KARIN: the Ka-band radar interferomer for the proposed Surface Water And Ocean Topography (SWOT) Mission Esteban-Fernandez, Daniel; Peral, Eva; McWatters, Dalia; Pollard, Brian; Rodriguez, Ernesto; Hughes, Richard
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