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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Apr-1997 Health Care Robotics: A Progress Report Fiorini, Paolo; Ali, Khaled; Seraji, Homayoun
22-Apr-1997 Health Cars Robotics: A Progress Report Fiorini, P.; Ali, K.; Seraji, H.
1993 HEAO 3 Observations of the Galactic Center 511 keV Line Mahoney, W.; Ling, J.; Wheaton, W.
12-Jan-1997 Heat and Mass Transfer for Isolated and Interacting Fluid Drops Under Supercritical Conditions Harstad, K.; Bellan, J.
Jun-1997 Heat and Mass Transport in Nitrogen Ice with Application to Pluto and Triton Goguen, J. D.
4-Aug-1993 Heat Capacity and Thermal Relaxation of Bulk Helium Lipa, J.; Swanson, D.; Nissen, J.; Chui, T.
20-Feb-1996 Heat Capacity Anomalies of Superfluid He Under the Influence of a Counterflow Near T Chui, T.; Harter, A.; Goodstein, D.; Mukhopadhyay, R.
20-Mar-2000 Heat Capacity Crossover Behavior of 3He Near the Liquid-Gas Critical Point Hahn, I.; Weilert, M.; Zhong, F.; Barmatz, M.
8-Aug-1996 The heat Capacity of <sup>4</sup>He Under Rotation Near T(wavelength). Mukharsky, Yury M.; Chui, Talso C.P.; Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan
8-Aug-1996 Heat Capacity of Superfluid <sup>4</sup>He in the Presence of a Heat Current Near T Chui, Talso C. P.; Goodstein, David L.; Harter, Alexa W.; Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan
7-Feb-1996 Heat Flow Induced Anomalies in Superfluid He Near T Chui, T.; Harter, A.; Goodstein, D.
7-Dec-1998 Heat Flux Instabilities in the Solar Wind: Full Particle Simulations Wang, J.; Gary, S. P.; Liewer, P. C.
12-Jul-1999 Heat Switches for Cryogenic Application with Polycrystalline Magnetostrictive and Superconducting Flux Tube Actuation Chave, R.; Dooley, J.; Lindensmith, C.; Ottocan, R.; Flutz, B.; Voccio, J.
5-Nov-2000 Heat transfer implications in the first MEMS fabricated thermal transiration-driven vacuum pump for gases Vargo, S. E.; Green, A. A.; Muntz, E. P.
7-Jul-2003 Heating methods for deployment of CHEM foam structures Kirkpatrick, E. M.; Sokolowski, W.
6-Dec-1993 Heating of Io's Atmosphere from Surface Hot Spot Infrared Moreno, M.A.; Winterhalter, D.
27-Jun-1996 Heavy Ion and Proton Induced Single Event Transients in Linear Devices Nichols, D. K.; Coss, J. R.; Miyahira, T.; Schwartz, H. R.
27-Mar-2001 Heavy ion induced soft breakdown of thin gate oxides Conley, J. F.; Suehle, J. S.; Johnston, A. H.; Wang, B.; Miyahara, T.; Vogel, E. M.
1995 Heavy Ozone Enrichment from ATMOS Infrared Solar Spectra Irion, F. W.; Gunson, M. R.; Rinsland, C. P.; Yung, Y. L.; Abrams, M. C.; Chang, A. Y.; Goldman, A.
May-2005 HEBS and Binary 1-sinc masks simulations, HCIT experiments and results Balasubramanian, Bala K.; Hoppe, Dan; Wilson, Dan; Echternach, Pierre; Trauger, John; Halverson, Peter; Niessner, Al; Shi, Fang; Lowman, Andrew
26-Sep-2011 Height and thickness of a scattering (aerosol or cloud) layer from space-based O2 A-band spectroscopy : an analytical approach Davis, Anthony B.
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