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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-1997 (abstract) Application of the GPS Worldwide Network in the Study of Global Ionospheric Storms Ho, C. M.; Mannucci, A. J.; Lindqwister, U. J.; Pi, X.; Sparks, L. C.; Rao, A. M.; Wilsion, B. D.; Yuan, D. N.; Reyes, M.
21-Apr-1997 (abstract) Applications of Long-wavelength 256x256 GaAs/Al&subx;Ga&sub1-x;As Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector Hand-held Camera Gunapala, S. D.; Bandara, S. V.; Liu, J. K.; Sundaram, M.; Hong, W.; Shott, C. A.; Hoelter, T.; Laband, S.; James, J. B.
19-Jun-1995 (abstract) ARGOS: a System to Monitor Ulysses Nutation and Thruster Firings from Variations of the Spacecraft Radio Signal McElrath, T.P.; Cangahuala, L.A.; Miller, K.J.; Stravert, L.R.; Garcia-Perez, Raul
31-Oct-1994 (abstract) Asteroid 4769 Casalia: Intrepretation of Optical Lightcurves Using a Radar-Derived Shape Model Hudson, R.S.; Ostro, S.J.; Harris, A.W.
(abstract) Asteroid Radar Astronomy at Goldstone in the 1990s Ostro, S.J.; Choate, D.; Dendrenos, P.; Giorgini, J.; Hills, D.L.; Howard, D.; Jurgens, R.F.; Keesey, M.S.; Mitchell, D.L.; Rose, R.; Rosema, K.D.; Slade, M.A.; Strobert, D.R.; Winkler, R.; Yoemans, D.K.
31-Oct-1994 (abstract) Asteroids and Comets: Future Imaging Opportunities with Earth-Based Radar Systems Campbell, D.B.; Black, G.J.; Ostro, S.J.
(abstract) Atmospheric Transmission Model Through Autonomous Visibility Measurement Yan, Tsun-Yee
12-Apr-1994 (abstract) Automated Constraint Checking of Spacecraft Command Sequences Horvath, Joan; Alkalaj, Leon; Schneider, Karl; Spitale, Joseph
9-Sep-1996 (abstract) BrO and HOBr: New Results for Familiar Molecules Cohen, E. A.; Müller, H. S. P.; Tan, T. L.; McRae, G. A.; Johns, J. W. C.
21-Jan-1997 (abstract) Case Study of the Design of a Viterbi Decoder Burke, Gary R.
9-Jan-1995 (abstract) Cassini MLI Balnkets High-Temperature Exposure Tests Lin, Edward I.; Stultz, James W.
2-Apr-1995 (abstract) Characterization of Structural Response for Systems with Loose Joints Bruno, Robin J.
28-Nov-1994 (abstract) Circumstellar Molecular Gas of the HH 1-2 and HH 24 Exciting Stars Stapelfeldt, Karl
18-Oct-1993 (abstract) Cometary Particles as a Tracer of Jupiter's Stratospheric Circulation West, R.A.; Friedson, A.J.
23-Nov-1994 (abstract) Communications in Space Scaff, David M.
8-Aug-1993 (abstract) Comparison of the Solar Wind Interaction with Comets Giacobini-Zinner, Halley, and Grigg-Skjellerup Huddleston, D.E.
15-Dec-1996 (abstract) Constraints on the Venus Deep Atmosphere Composition from Near Infrared Observations of the Night Side Crisp, David
Dec-1994 (abstract) Cross with Your Spectra? Cross-Correlate Instead! Beer, Reinhard
17-Jul-1995 (abstract) Cryogenic Telescope Test Facility Luchik, T.S.; Chave, R.G.; Nash, A.E.
14-Feb-1994 (abstract) Deep Space Network Radiometric Remote Sensing Program Walter, Steven J.
Jun-1994 (abstract) Design and Testing of a Fullerene RF Ion Engine Anderson, John R.; Mueller, Juergen
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