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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Bromine, Dioxide, OBrO: Spectroscopic Properties, Molecular Structure, and Harmonic Force Field Mueller, G.; Miller, C.; Cohen, E.
5-May-2003 Brush-wheel sampler concept for Gulliver Deimos sample return discovery proposal Behar, A.; Rivellini, T.; Nicaise, F.
Oct-1993 Bubble Dynamics and Coalescence in 1 G and in Microgravity Trinh, E. H.; Marston, P. L.
7-Dec-1998 The Budget and Partitioning of Reactive Nitrogen Species in the Arctic Stratosphere Osterman, G.; Sen, B.; Toon, G.; Salawitch, R.; Margitan, J.; Chang, A.; Blavier, J.; Fahey, D.; Gao, R.; Del Negro, L.; Donnelly, S.; Keim, E.; Neuman, J.; Loewenstein, M.; Ko, M.; Scott, C.
1998 The Budget and Partitioning of Stratospheric Chlorine During the 1997 Arctic Summer Sen, B.; Osterman, G.; Salawitch, R.; Toon, G.; Margitan, J.; Blavier, J. F.; Chang, A.; May, R.; Webster, C.; Stimpfle, R.; Bonne, G.; Voss, P.; Perkins, K.; Anderson, J.; Cohen, R.; Elkins, J.; Dutton, G.; Hurst, D.; Atlas, E.; Schauffler, S.; Loewenstein, M.
23-Aug-2004 Buffer gas experiments in mercury (Hg+) ion clock Chung, Sang K.; Prestage, John D.; Tjoelker, Robert L.; Maleki, Lute
Mar-1998 Buffer Management Simulation in ATM Networks Yaprak, E.; Xiao, Y.; Chronopoulos, A.; Chow, E.; Anneberg, L.
2001 Build a Mars habitat! Fisher, D. K.
Dec-1998 Building a "Pop Rocket" to Demonstrate Newton's Third Law Fisher, D.K.
22-Feb-2012 Building a cost effective portfolio management system : yes you can! Maleki, Linda; Trinh, Cindy
Aug-2012 Building a massive volcano archive and the development of a tool for the Science Community. Pieri, David; Linick, Justin
20-Jul-2003 Building a pathway to Mars: Mars technology program analysis and case study Smith, J. H.; Dolgin, B.; Weisbin, C.
8-Mar-2003 Building a pathway to Mars: Mars Technology Program analysis and case study Smith, J.H.; Dolgin, B.; Weisbin, C.
21-Jul-2002 Building a virtual planet Meadows, V. S.
17-May-2004 Building an infrastructure at Mars Deutsch, M. J.; Komarek, T.; Diehl, R.; Varghese, P.; Noreen, G.; Stevens, S.; Lopez, S.; Paula, R. de
22-Feb-2012 Building communities of engineers to share technical expertise Topousis, Daria E.; Dennehy, Cornelius J.; Fesq, Lorraine M.
4-Jun-2001 Building installers for the Java platform: the results of JSR 38 Wolgast, P.; Lovvik, P.; Andersen, B.; Shapiro, E. N.
27-Aug-2000 Building large scale mosaics from Landsat data Plesea, L.; Jacob, J.
9-Aug-2000 Building modern cometary models using ancient Chinese data Yeomans, D. K.
11-Jan-1994 Building Modern Cometary Models Using Ancient Chinese Data Yeomans, D.; Yau, K.; Weissman, P.
29-Oct-2012 Building the foundations for student observations using NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Rieber, Rich; Vargas, Jamie
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