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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Parallel computing Implementation for ScanSAR Mode Data Leung, K.; Nguyen, Q.; Tung, W.; Cheng, T.
Aug-1995 Parallel Computing Implementation for ScanSAR Mode Data Leung, Kon
Jun-1994 A Parallel Discrete Surface Integral Equation Method For the Analysis of Three-Dimensional Microwave Circuit Devices with Planar Symmetry Gedney, Stephen D.; Lansing, Faiza
24-Jul-2006 Parallel estimation and control architectures for deep-space formation flying spacecraft Hadaegh, Fred Y.; Smith, Roy S.
4-Jul-2005 Parallel estimators and communication in spacecraft formations Smith, Roy S.; Hadaegh, Fred Y.
1995 Parallel Hybrid Interative/Direct Solution Methods Ferraro, Robert D.
1995 A Parallel Incompressible Navier-Stokes Solver With a Parallel Multigrid Elliptic Kernal Lou, J.Z.
1994 A Parallel Incompressible Navier-Stokes Solver with Multigrid Iterations Lou, John Z.
17-Aug-2004 Parallel multi-step /multi-rate integration of two-time scale dynamic systems Chang, Johnny T.; Ploen, Scott R. Ph.D; Sohl, Garett. A, Ph.D.; Martin, Bryan J.Ph.D.
Jul-1998 Parallel Multigrid Finite Volume Computation of Three-dimensional Thermal Convection Wang, P.; Ferraro, R.D.
Apr-1993 Parallel Object-Oriented Computation Applied to a Finite Element Problem Weissman, Jon B.; Grimshaw, Andrew S.; Ferraro, Robert
Apr-1997 Parallel Optimization of an Earth System Model (100 Gigaflops and Beyond?) Drummond, L. A.; Farrara, J. D.; Mechoso, C. R.; Spahr, J. A.; Chao, Y.; Katz, S.; Lou, J. Z.; Wang, P.
Sep-2004 Parallel performance and validation of the GeoFEST system Parker, Jay; Lyzenga, Gregory; Zuffada, Cinzia; Glasscoe, Margaret; Baker, Teresa; Pierce, Marion
Dec-1994 A Parallel Planar Generalized Yee-Algorithm for the Analysis of Microwave Circuit Devices Lansing, Faiza S.
23-Feb-2000 Parallel Software Design for AVIRIS Project Wang, P.; Cwik, T.; Green, R.
Apr-1997 A Parallel Three-Dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Solver with a Parallel Multigrid Kernel Ferraro, Robert
10-May-1993 A Parallel Toolset for Intervisibility Analysis Kreitzberg, T.
9-Sep-2001 Parallel unstructured AMR and gigabit networking for Beowulf-class clusters Norton, C. D.; Cwik, T. A.
6-Aug-1993 A Parallel Viterbi Decoder for Shared Memory Multiprocessor Architectures Chauvin, Todd
25-Nov-2001 Parallel VLSI equalizer architectures for multi-Gbps satellite communications Ghuman, P.; Gray, A. A.; Hoy, S. D.
1996 Parallelization and Algorithmic Enhancements of High Resolution IRAS Image Construction Cao, Yu; Prince, Thomas A.; Tereby, Susan; Beichman, Charles A.
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