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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-1996 Radar Imaging and Topography of Tharis, Olympus Mons, and Albor Tholis Jurgens, R. F.; Slade, M. A.; Haldeman, A. F. C.
Mar-1998 Radar Interferogram Filtering for Geophysical Applications Goldstein, R. M.; Werner, C. L.
28-Aug-1996 Radar Interferometric Studies of the Greenland Ice Sheet Rignot, Eric
13-Apr-1993 Radar Interferometry Goldstein, R.
Oct-1997 Radar Interferometry Detection of Hinge Line Migration on Rutford Ice Stream and Carlson Inlet, Antarctica Rignot, Eric
25-Oct-1999 Radar Interferometry for Monitoring of Oil Fields and Dams: Lost Hills, California and Aswan, Egypt Blom, R.; Fielding, E.; Gabriel, A.; Goldstein, R.
14-Aug-1999 Radar Interferometry Methods of Glacier Monitoring Rignot, E.
14-Dec-1996 Radar Interferometry Satellite Mission Concepts for Earth Change and Hazards Observations Rosen, P. A.; Werner, C. L.; Minster, J. B.; Zebker, H. A.
18-May-1993 Radar Interferometry: A Review Zebker, Howard A.
Jun-1993 Radar Investigation of Earth-Approaching Asteroids Ostro, S.
Aug-1993 Radar Investigations of Asteroids Ostro, S.
Dec-1993 Radar Investigations of Earth-Approaching Asteroids Ostro, S.
Feb-1994 Radar Investigations of Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto Ostro, S.
Feb-1994 Radar Investigations of Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto Ostro, S.J.
23-Aug-1994 Radar Mapping and Precision Ranging of Mercury and Mars Slade, M.A.; Jurgens, R.F.; Anderson, J.D.; Lau, E.L.; Standish, E.M.; Harmon, J.K.; Campbell, D.B.; Chandler, J.F.; Shapiro, I.I.
1997 Radar Mapping of Surface Soil Moisture Ulaby, F. T.; Dubois, P. C.; van Zyl, J.
25-Jul-1999 Radar Observation of Asteroid 10115 (1992 SK) Benner, L.; Ostro, S.; Giorgini, J.; Jurgens, R.; Rose, R.; Thomas, M.; Winkler, R.; Choate, D.; Frye, R.; Franck, C.; Yeomans, D.; Slade, M.; Hudson, R.
30-Nov-2012 Radar observations and how we use them Perkovic-Martin, D.
Nov-2000 Radar observations and physical model of asteroid 6489 Golevka Hudson, R.; Ostro, S.; Jurgens, R.; Rosema, K.; Giorgini, J.; Winkler, R.; Rose, R.; Choate, D.; Cormier, R.; Franck, C.; Frye, R.; Howard, D.; Kelley, D.; Littlefair, R.; Slade, M.; Benner, L.; Thomas, M.; Mitchell, D.; Chodas, P.; Yeomans, D.; Scheeres, D.; Palmer, P.; Zaitsev, A.; Koyama, Y.; Nakamura, A.; Harris, A.; Meshkov, M.
1995 Radar Observations of Asteroid 1620 Geographos Steven J. Ostro, Raymond F. Jurgens, Keith D. Rosema, R. Scott Hudson, Jonathan D. Giorgini, Ron Winkler, Donald K. Yeomans, Dennis Choate, Randy Rose, Martin A. Slade, S. Denise Howard, Daniel J. Scheeres, David L. Mitchell
6-Dec-1998 Radar Observations of Asteroid 1998KY26 Ostro, S.; Benner, L.; Frye, R.; Giorgini, J.; Jurgens, R.; Rose, R.; Rosema, K.; Thomas, M.; Winkler, R.; Chodas, P.; Yeomans, D.; Slade, M.; Hudson, R.
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