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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-1997 Grounding line migration of West Antarctic glaciers, detected by ERS radar interferometry Rignot, E.
11-May-2002 Group collaboraion for Mars Rover mission operations Backes, P. G.; Tso, K. S.; Norris, J. S.; Steinke, R.
Dec-2003 Growing and strengthening the Mars science community Beaty, David W.; McCleese, Dan; Syvertson, Marguerite
21-Aug-2011 Growth and characteristics of type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice-based detectors Khoshakhlagh, A.; Soibel, A.; Ting, D. Z.; Höglund, L.; Nguyen, J.; Keo, S. A.; Liao, A.; Gunapala, S. D.
May-1993 Growth and Collapse of Rhyolite Domes, East-Central Mexico Seibe, C.; Abrams, M.
1996 Growth and Some Properties of Cr<sub>11</sub>Ge<sub>19</sub> Caillat, T.; Fleurial, J. P.; Borshchevsky, A.
12-Jul-2008 Growth control and disease mechanisms in computational embryogeny Shapiro, Andrew A.; Yogev, Or; Antonsson, Erik K.
2002 Growth of complexity in molecular evolution Adami, C.
Nov-1998 Growth of Lower Stratospheric HCl/Cly Since 1993: Observations from Aircraft (ALIAS), Balloon (MarkIV, FIRS-2), Space Shuttle (ATMOS), and Satellite (HALOE) Measurements Webster, C. R.; Michelsen, H. A.; May, R. D.; Scott, D. C.; Herman, R. L.; Margitan, J. J.; Toon, G. C.; Sen, B.; Gunson, M. R.; Jucks, K. W.; Johnson, D. G.; Chance, K. V.; Traub, W. A.; Russell, J. M. III
17-Jul-2012 GSI Introduction Redding, D.; Sidick, E.; Agnes, G.; Polanco, O.; Sievers, M.; Leprince, S.; Avouac, J-P.; Ampuero, P.
12-Mar-2001 GSSR Mars delay-Doppler data available for MER landing site assessment Jurgens, R. F.; Haldemann, A. F. C.; Slade, M. A.
14-Dec-2000 GSSR Mars delay-doppler data available for MER landing site assessment Haldemann, A. F. C.; Jurgens, R. F.; Slade, M. A.
Aug-2003 Guaranteed initialization of distributed spacecraft formations Scharf, Daniel P.; Ploen, Scott R.; Hadaegh, Fred Y.; Keim, Jason A.; Phan, Linh H.
16-Aug-2004 Guaranteed spatial initialization of distributed spacecraft formations Scharf, Daniel P.; Ploen, Scott R.; Hadaegh, Fred Y.; Sohl, Garett A.
9-Oct-2002 Guglielmo Marconi Orbiter - the first interplanetary communications satellite Noreen, G.; Komarek, T.; Diehl, R.; Brower, G.; Varghese, P.; Marcozzi, M.; Dionisio, C.; Spazio, A.
19-Jul-1999 Guidance and Control for Mars Atmospheric Entry: Adaptivity and Robustness Bayard, D.; Lu, W.
Apr-1994 Guidance and Navigation for the Mars Environmental Survey Pathfinder Mission Thurman, S. W.; Pollmeier, V. M.
12-Apr-1994 Guidance and Navigation for the Mars Pathfinder Mission Thurman, Sam W.; Pollmeier, Vincent M.
10-Sep-2013 Guidance, Navigation, and Control technology assessment for future planetary science missions Beauchamp, Pat; Cutts, James; Quadrelli, Marco B.; Wood, Lincoln J.; Riedel, Joseph E.; McHenry, Mike; Aung, MiMi; Cangahuala, Laureano A.; Volpe, Rich
7-Oct-2013 Guide to Flow measurement for electric propulsion systems Frieman, Jason D.; Walker, Mitchell L. R.; Snyder, Steve
10-Feb-1999 Guide to Modeling Earth's Trapped Radiation Environment Garrett, H.
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