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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-1999 System Risk Balancing Profiles: Software Component Kelly, J.; Sigal, B.; Gindorf, T.
6-Nov-2012 A system to provide real-time collaborative situational awareness by web enabling a distributed sensor network Panangadan, Anand; Monacos, Steve; Burleigh, Scott; Joswig, Joseph; James, Mark; Chow, Edward
10-Aug-1998 System Trades Using the Asymptotic Bode-Step Method Lurie, B.; Ghavimi, A.; Hadaegh, F.; Mettler, E.
3-Mar-2012 System verification of MSL Skycrane using an integrated ADAMS simulation White, Christopher; Antoun, George; Brugarolas, Paul; Lih, Shyh-Shiuh; Peng, Chia-Yen; Phan, Linh; San Martin, Alejandro; Sell, Steven
Feb-2004 System, cost, and risk analysis for access to space Chase, James P.; Carter, Rebecca L.; Smith, Jeffrey L.
2-May-1995 A Systematic Approach to Hardware Qualification Barela, Phillip R.; Cornford, Steven L.
10-Dec-2001 Systematic comparison of automated geological feature detection methods for impact craters Vinogradova, T.; Bure, M.; Mjolsness, E.
14-Oct-2011 Systematic error analysis for GPS RO refractivity in the lower troposphere Ao, Chi
15-Aug-1994 Systematic Errors in Current Extragalactic Radio Source Catalogs Sovers, O.; Jacobs, C.
6-Sep-1993 Systematic Errors in Radio Source Positional Coordinates Sovers, O.J.; Jacobs, C.S.
28-Oct-1996 Systematic Geologic Mapping of Venus: Equatorial Highlands of Western Aphrodite Regio Stephens, R. S.
18-Oct-2000 A systematic risk management approach employed on the CloudSat project Basilio, R. R.; Plourde, K. S.; Lam, T.
Feb-2004 Systems analysis approach for NASA and its projects, programs and enterprises Weisbin, C. R.; Rodriguez, G.; Elfes, A.; Prusha, S.; Easter, R.; Pomphrey, R.; Stetson, D.
6-Mar-1999 A Systems Approach for Quality and Reliability of Chip Scale Package Assembly Ghaffarian, R.
14-Sep-2009 A systems approach to lower cost missions: following the Rideshare paradigm Herrell, L.
29-Jan-2013 A systems approach to reliability enhancement Meshkat, Leila
7-Jun-2003 Systems architecture and engineering applied to technology development Peterson, C. E.
6-Jul-2003 Systems architecture and engineering applied to technology development Peterson, C.
27-Jun-2010 Systems engineering and application of system performance modeling in SIM Lite Mission Moshira, Mehrdad; Murphy, David W.; Milman, Mark H.; Meier, David L.
12-Mar-2012 Systems engineering and technology considerations of a Mars Ascent Vehicle Sengupta, Anita; Kennett, Andrew; Pauken, Mike; Trinidad, Mark; Zabrensky, Ed
23-Jul-1995 A Systems Engineering Approach to the Analysis of a Planetary Mission Ground System in Terms of Science Objectives Randii R. Wessen
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