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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jun-1998 The Palomar Testbed Interferometer Colavita, M.; Wallace, J.; Hines, B.; Gursel, Y.; Malbet, F.; Palmer, D.; Pan, X.; Shao, M.; Yu, J.; Boden, A.; Dumont, P.; Gubler, J.; Koresko, C.; Kulkarni, S.; Lane, B.; Mobley, D.; van Belle, G.
9-Apr-1996 The Palomar Testbed Interferometer Beichman, Charles A.
1996 Palomar Testbed Interferometer: Recent Progress Colavita, M. M.
15-Dec-2014 PALS (Passive Active L-band System) radiometer-based soil moisture retrieval for the SMAP Validation Experiment 2012 (SMAPVEX12) Colliander, Andreas; Jackson, Thomas J.; Chan, Steven; Bindlish, Rajat; O'Neill, Peggy; Chazanoff, Seth; McNairn, Heather; Bullock, Paul; Powers, Jarrett; Wiseman, Grant; Berg, Aaron; Magagi, Ramata; Njoku, Eni
21-Jul-2003 PALS observations of soil moisture in SMEX02 Njoku, E.; Wilson, W.; Yueh, S.; Dinardo, S.; Jackson, T.; Lakshmi, V.
24-Jul-2000 PALS Radar Signatures of Soil Surfaces and Vegetated Sites in Oklahoma During SGP 1999 Yueh, S.; Njoku, E.; Wilson, W.; Li, F.; Jackson, T.; Lakshmi, V.
Oct-2003 Pan-arctic observations of interannual snowmelt change and application to flood forecast Nghiem, Son V.; Neumann, G.; Sturm, M.; Perovich, D. K.
24-Aug-2011 A panchromatic imaging fourier transform spectrometer for the NASA Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events Mission Wu, Yen-Hung; Key, Richard; Sander, Stanley; Blavier, Jean-Francois; Rider, David
Oct-1993 Panel Discussions on Total Solar Irradiance Variations and the Maunder Minimum Pap, J. M.; White, O.R.
1-Nov-1999 Panel: Practical Issues in Implementing Software Reliability Measurement Nikora, A.; Everett, B.; Munson, J.; Musa, J.; Schneidewind, N.; Vouk, M.
15-Nov-2000 Panelist position statement Lutz, R. R.
2000 Parabola III: A sphere scanning radiometer for field determination of surface anisotropic reflectance functions Bruegge, C.; Helmlinger, M.; Conel, J.; Gaitley, B.; Abdou, W.
3-Feb-2002 Paraffin actuated heat switch for Mars surface applications Sunada, E.; Pauken, M.; Novak, K. S.; Birur, G.; Lankford, K.
15-Jul-2002 Paraffin actuated heat switch for Mars surface applications Sunada, E.; Pauken, M.; Novak, K. S.; Birur, G.; Philips, C.; Lankford, K.
28-Sep-2004 Paragon : a systematic, integrated approach to aerosol observation and modeling Diner, David J.; Kahn, Ralph A.; Braverman, Amy J.; Davies, Roger; Martonchik, John V.; Menzies, Robert T.; Ackerman, Thomas P.; Seinfeld, John H.; Anderson, Theodore L.; Charlson, Robert J.; Bösenberg, Jens; Collins, William D.; Rasch, Philip J.; Holben, Brent N.; Hostetler, Chris A.; Wielicki, Bruce A.; Miller, Mark A.; Schwartz, Stephen E.; Ogren, John A.; Penner, Joyce E.; Stephens, Graeme L.; Torres, Omar; Travis, Larry D.; Yu, Bin
Jun-1996 Parallel Climate Data Assimilation PSAS Package Ding, Hong Q.; Chan, Clara; Gennery, Donald B.; Ferraro, Robert D.
1995 Parallel Climate Data Assimilation PSAS Package Achieves 18 GFLOPs on 512-Node Intel Paragon Ding, H.Q.; Chan, C.; Gennery, D.B.; Ferraro, R.D.
14-Jun-1998 Parallel Computation and Visualization of Three-dimensional, Time-dependent, Thermal Convective Flows Wang, P.; Li, P.
1995 Parallel Computation for Natural Convection Wang, P.; Ferraro, R.D.
Sep-1995 Parallel Computation for Natural Convection in Cavities Wang, P.; Ferraro, R.D.
22-Sep-1997 Parallel Computing Implementation for ScanCAR Mode Data Leung, K.; Nguyen, Q.; Cheng, T.; Tung, W.
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